Superhighway to Serfdom

Every stage of human developmental programming, from the drone factories of organized schooling and the military, to all the grammar school, high school and university brainwashing on political correctness and global warming mythology, to creating “hate speech” awareness and social media bans in order to censor free speech, right up to today’s social distancing, mask-shaming and lockdowns deserves careful examination.

Each is merely an incremental step in a massive psy-op—a social experiment to pattern and groom and train people to cow down and prepare their brains and psyches for much more government-mandated human acquiescence down the line. All with an agenda toward a New World Order where average people become dependent, obeying serfs, while a small elite amass more power and become their masters and benefactors.

And it’s all working and progressing very well now on a significant portion of the population of the world. It’s quite amazing to see how many Americans fell for it too.

Groupthink is far more prevalent than free thinking than we “Liberty-loving” Americans might have thought.

Free thinkers are even being scorned and shunned for thinking “outside the box” by people who themselves are imprisoned IN their own mental boxes.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Today, we’re being told that being under house arrest and ratting on our neighbors for non-compliance to curfews and mask “rules” is “good citizen” behavior.

We are being cajoled into being each other’s parole officers. Just like in comminist Cuba. Every block and apartment complex has at least one bribed informant.

You get a gold star for tattling. Maybe you’ll even get a check as a lollipop from the government if you behave. Maybe they’ll even pay your mortgage or credit cards. Manna from heaven rains on you when you comply.

Your neighbor, who was merely exercising his constitutional natural rights until you ratted on him, gets a dunce cap, a summons and maybe a beat down, a taze and some fancy fitted bracelets from the paramilitary twat team who arrive in a tank fresh from playing Candy Crush at Denny’s.

Jail time and fine are courtesy of the mayor, judge and governor, who are all mask-free, safe, surrounded by armed guards, still getting their hair cut and their nails done, and still handsomely paid…by you.

Tomorrow, we may be asked to spy on our fellow citizens and report them if they simply don’t agree with government ideas, thoughts or mandates.

Tomorrow we might get offered a better job or have a better house assigned to us if we cooperate and turn our neighbor in.

Tomorrow the neighbor gets called in and interrogated. Maybe threatened. Then if he still doesn’t comply, black cars full of thought police come bashing through his doors in in the middle of the night and haul him away.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

Most of the world lives under just such totalitarianism. Ask any Cuban. Ask any former Soviet Union resident. Ask a Venezuelan or a Cambodian or Vietnamese refugee. Ask a Chinese immigrant if they’re not a Chinese government spy. We are just the last domino. We are the last jewel in the totalitarian globalist crown.

It can happen just as quickly as a free nation can suddenly agree to all wear masks and put itself under mass house arrest. After all, it’s for our own good, right? Get in the boxcar.

Government elites have already succeeded in confiscating the guns from most of the world population. Now, only criminals and jack-booted military thugs and bodyguards of the rich and famous can have guns in those countries. Great Britain, Europe (except Switzerland), Australia, most of Asia and Asia Minor, South America, Canada, all have highly restrictive gun laws and prohibitions. Now the people can’t fight back. The elites have the power. If they only succeed to control currency, food, and health, they’ve succeeded in total control.

The real power and natural rights to life and liberty and pursuit of our own happiness is within us, within the individuals, not above us, among the self-proclaimed elites.

There are far more of us than there are of them. And we are the most well-armed population in the world. Time to stop rowing the galleons for the slavemasters like so many mind slaves. Time to capsize the boat.

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