by Pericles Elytis Nikitaras and Nicholas Vertucci

Do you believe everything happening now is deliberate? Do you think it’s rigged? Coordinated?

Well, you’re probably not alone. As for the general populace, many believe the big crisis events (9/11, credit crises, wars, military conflicts, pandemics, etc.) are rigged conspiracies, deliberately orchestrated.

That, however is usually not true.

These events are almost never deliberate. They don’t need to be. There’s an event occurring almost all the time. Many are even natural disasters. The event is merely the opportunity. It’s how big business and global governments use global crises for their own ends.

When a major crisis occurs, there are certainly many groups and individuals who recognize the convenience and profitability of the situation and plenty of governments that will take quick action to capitalize on it to its benefit, by taking more power from the citizens.

For businesses, it’s an opportunity to perhaps eliminate, acquire or edge out the competition.

For investors, it’s an opportunity to buy things at a discount. For governments, it’s an opportunity to move forward with the next phases of a globalist, elitist, socially-engineered agenda.

For the agit-prop media, a crisis is just an opportunity to have a captive audience in lockdown so they can gain more eyeballs and more revenues from advertisers. Notice the increase in advertising on the “news” and entertainment channels?

For more virtuous leaders, it may be an opportunity to enact important reforms and roll back oppressive regulations and laws.

No matter what the motivation, crisis often presents an opportunity.

There is actually a term for it. It’s called “The Shock Doctrine”. It’s mentioned in an excellent book entitled The Road to Ruin, written by James Rickards. It’s an interesting thesis.

The Shock Doctrine, according to Rickards, is the acknowledgment that a “smart” government and organized world order never lets a “good” crisis go to waste.

Of course we all heard former Congressman and Obama chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, also recent mayor of Chicago, openly and unashamedly articulate that very doctrine.

The Shock Doctrine lies dormant like a virus and waits for an opportunity to emerge and infect us.

And like a virus, there’s always a new crisis opportunity right around the corner in human events.

When an opportunity arises, the plan is always for governments and certain power-hungry individuals to move quickly, while the emotional shock is alive, and before it wears off, to step into the breach and grab more power and authority.

It relies on the theory that the citizens will readily give up liberty, rights and even more taxes, in return for for safety and security in periods of high uncertainty.

One thing is for certain: in absence of stiff pushback, government will always fill the void left by an apathetic or stunned public and take more power.

Witness the horrific overreach of our Federal government and Clinton/Reno Justice Department in the Elian Gonzales situation.

Take for example the attack on The Branch Davidians in Waco. Or Ruby Ridge. Both were opportunities by the Clinton/Reno Justice Department to use The Shock Doctrine to enact sweeping gun legislation. Infringement of our rights based on the specter of imaginary “domestic terrorists”.

Another example of The Shock Doctrine in action was the Bush Administration enactment of The Patriot Act after 9/11. The Patriot Act was a piece of rushed legislation that nobody read which was completely bipartisan and had wide acceptance from most of our Congressional representatives. The only three Republicans voting “no” were Robert Ney of Ohio, Butch Otter of Idaho, and Ron Paul of Texas. On October 25, the Act passed the Senate by a 98–1 vote, the only dissident being Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. Congressional Democrats just voted to unanimously extend the Patriot Act in 2019.

The Patriot Act gave government a treasure trove of new surveillance authority and controls on capital. It also enabled the formation of two more massive and expensive three-letter agencies, the DHS and the TSA.

Now, we have to suffer the grotesque groping of granny and the children, all for the sake of safety from terrorism, by an agency that, in almost 20 years of operation, has never one apprehended a terrorist. And we pay for the privilege.

There were also strict cash controls enacted. If you have cash savings over $10k, try going to the bank and taking a big withdrawal in cash without your name and social security number being recorded into a surveillance file at the FBI next to money launderers and drug cartels. That’s if the bank even lets you make the withdrawal.

For the sake of our security against “terrorists” the government was granted all kinds of surveillance authority and infringements upon our civil liberties and natural rights. Authority they still have today.

Another heinous piece of legislation is Sarbanes-Oxley. Enabled by a bipartisan act of Congress after Y2K, Long Term Capital and the WorldCom and Enron debacles, Sarbanes-Oxley let government intrude into corporate governance in ways unimaginable during most of our nation’s existence. It has cost companies billions to comply, eating up valuable capital and squeezing smaller businesses.

Dodd-Frank, swiftly enacted on the heels of the credit crisis by two Democrat Congressmen, who repeatedly blocked prior legislation that would likely have prevented the credit crisis, is another one.

Also in that haze and smoke of the credit crisis, in 2011, President Obama used our taxpayer money to build a million square foot massively powerful server space in a top-secret NSA data warehouse in Utah. It’s purpose? To record and retain all telephone and electronic communications between ordinary citizens. Effectively surveillance without a warrant.

Let’s not forget too, that around that same time, President Obama and his Department of Justice and State Department weaponized all of the three-letter non-elected government agencies. The first act in this play was to weaponize the IRS against their political enemies. It culminated in the weaponization of the FBI and CIA to try and fraudulently remove a seated and duly-elected President.

Yes, Big Brother is watching. Orwell’s 1984 is here.

With the Corona Pandemic, the next phase of the Shock Doctrine is now being enacted. This round will likely include the next steps toward a cashless society, the next step toward one world government and a lot more surveillance. Because, you know, money can be “contaminated” and some people “just don’t listen”. It’s for your own good.

We will, willingly or unwillingly, be tracked at all times, for our “safety”. Your employers too, will be in on it, as it will give them far more control over their employees. Those corporations who don’t play along will first have their windows broken by the political machine. If business leaders still fail to get the message, their businesses will be destroyed. The shutdowns is a prime example of how they can shutdown anything deemed “non-essential”.

Once the shock of the virus wears off and the virus itself is long gone, like all the incremental inches of freedom and liberty slowly taken from us in previous Shock Doctrines, we will not get them back. We will still be tracked, monitored and controlled.

Then, in a number of years the next crisis will hit and the next phase of the Shock Doctrine will go to work…again.

Now, there are plenty of conspiracy theories flying around the Internet. People are afraid, and it comforts them to think they know who is to blame. But this isn’t about political parties or presidents or bankers. It’s far, far bigger than that. It’s for all the marbles.

If you think this is all just another wild conspiracy theory, you might just be wearing your mask a little too high.

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