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The Lights Will Be Going Out, Permanently.

CO2 is Plant Food, & The Industrial Revolution produced so much carbon, that the planet became greener than it had ever been.

Regarding the witless use of the term “climate change,” it’s obvious to all but the most dim-witted, that the climate changes within known parameters, it has cycles which it moves through with 100% predictability.

There is NO “Climate Emergency,” and the fact that the Germans have actually dared to Criminalise Dissent, means that the “Green” Policies which will beggar every economy and destroy agriculture and heavy-power-production, basically shutting down civilisation, in the name of an extremely dubious utopia, alarming the uninformed/misinformed about a totally fictitious “climate emergency,” are completely dishonest, otherwise why use the courts to punish articulate dissent?

They want our money, and they want to shut down the West, and despite many of us pointing this out, it seems like the mainstream have accepted the premise 100%, without being able to question it in any way, that alone should have rung people’s mental alarm-bells, you would think, but it seems not.

They’ve become “politically correct,” which means that they accept the idea of self-censorship, and will not allow themselves to, publicly at least, deviate from the received wisdom of the lobby that makes the most noise, & shouts everyone else down.

“Green” Policies are causing huge problems worldwide, like the prohibition on fire-breaks in Australia, meaning that wildfire, and bushfire spread like never before, causing virtually the entire country to be ablaze. Like the lies told about the causes of the shrinkage of fresh-water lakes in south-east Africa. Like the creation of fenced-off areas in the undeveloped world, where people are prohibited from going, & which remain unusable, resource-rich regions that exist at the expense of the actually starving poor.

The lies told by the Green Lobby are relentless, and made unquestionable by the [false] moral weight given to them by their proponents.

What to do now?

Email your MP, your Representative, tell them you are unhappy with these policies, and with the hugely inefficient windmills which kill tens of thousands of wild birds every year.

Tell them that if they don’t raise these questions in their capacity as MP/Representative, you won’t vote for them [again], and will tell everyone you know just how complacent they are..

Organise with like-minded people, on and off-line, to create a pressure-group to influence your local area to listen to some verifiable facts, rather than media generated hysteria.

Shout it out, that you’re sick of this crap, and don’t intend to put up with it any longer.

Kudos to President Trump for being the only one of any political weight to stand-up to these tax-greedy fraudsters.

Americans, if you want to prove that you’re not just a Marxist prole, get behind him and tell these enviro-gangsters that you’re not going to be herded into an economy-destroying corner.

We have to show these totalitarians that we mean business, that we’re not pretending, that we’ll fight for our rights as inheritors of the greatest traditions of freedom ever created, or perish in the attempt. Good luck, and God Bless Us All.

- Lights Out

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  1. Well, there you got it. Instead of sequestering CO2 in salt mines, scrub it with sewage and algae as food for the algae that Craig Venter and Exxon Synthetic Genomics have convinced to excrete their oil for diesel transesterification using lye. Impregnate the algae with pereskovites or crushed DVDs to make them deeply reflective so they use more of the sunlight. Put all the fossil fuel burning plants deep under the ocean and just send us the electricity. Recycle the smoke into more fuel. I’m not a climate fanatic, but I wouldn’t mind cleaner air.

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