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Trump Stands Up – Democrats Bend Over

The long wait for a retaliation against Iran’s decades-long anti-American belligerence, has ended with a bang, and a lot of whimpering from the Democrats and the Left worldwide, mind you – if Donald Trump was heard to fart, he’d immediately be accused of intentionally warming the climate.

Trump’s timing could hardly have been better, the attempted people’s revolution in Iran has only been postponed, not killed-off. The Left is on the back foot, after shooting itself in its front foot, leaving it reeling and swaying about like a drunk.

So much is tied-up in this, it’s hard to know where to start, suffice to say that the whole ‘Islamic Jihad’ schtick that the Muslim world has been playing for such a long time, is also losing support, as Muslims see how ineffective the whole project is, while the Right is on the ascendant in the west.

All who truly believe in the sacrifice of their lives for the cause of Islam, will surely perish in that same cause, and change the world not one whit by doing so. This is the irony that Muslims dare not face, it’s a road to apostasy, one of many possible roads.

The huge secular* section of the Iranian population, really want the Mullahs out, they want to mimic America, in the way of life, and in a set of rights enshrined in a written constitution, this is what the Iranian democracy movement want, they basically want to adopt the constitution and bill of rights of the United States, and fit it to their own country, taming their own military and state apparatus.

Make no mistake, the regime in Tehran is, by our standards, evil, and maintains dominance only through violence and through threats of same, also subterfuge, blackmail, espionage, terrorism, media-manipulation, and the seemingly benign front that their supporters see and experience, which they use in their manipulation of a willingly sycophantic western media that grovels to them.

Trump has kicked the door in on this rotten edifice, just as it looks like the whole thing might be about to implode in the faces of the IRG, the Basij, and the Mullahs who support the regime, which is most of them.

Trump has done the Iranian democracy movement, and the world, a favour, but only if the world outside Iran has the sense to see the opportunity staring us in the face.

The development of Iran into a globally welcomed, peaceful trading nation, is worth unmentionable sums of money, as well as making the world a safer place, and showing the members of any would-be Jihad, that there’s a better way to improve the lives of Muslims, worldwide, and that’s to make peace with non-Muslims, and get filthy rich by trade and tourism.

The time of the Sulieman’s of this world might be coming to a end, at least for a generation, their particular brand of mercenary sadistic barbarism, will never be completely extinguished, but we can neither let it flourish unchecked.

I rejoice that such a monster has been killed, and know that his punishment is yet to come, an eternity of hell for such a wicked soul as he certainly was, a brutal and sadistic warlord, who gave no quarter, and received none.

Russia, in the form of Putin, has also been served notice by this act, his back-door supply of thousands of centrifuges was nevertheless spotted by western observers, information also leaks from Iran as if from a giant sieve.

The Democrats craven grovelling to the memory of a terrorist mass-murderer of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, will not be forgotten by the voters, just another insult to add to injury, that injury being the preventable loss of US service personnel lives, which Democrats, in the shape of Obama and Hillary Clinton specifically, made no attempt to save, and then lied about the circumstances of those deaths, to save their own political skins.

It’s no wonder that Democrats are bending over themselves in their haste to condemn the President, whatever he does, that’s all they’ve got, their Marxist ideology cannot be stated out loud and in full except in closed ‘conference’ situations. So all they can do is play the man and not the ball.

I for one am laughing at their bleating, yes bleating, they sound like a herd of sheep, and act like one too, easily manipulated, easily led, to slaughter. The retaliation by Iran, will not be an earth-shattering event like 9/11, it will be more of the same-old- same-old, a continuation of a decades-long war of attrition, but they know now that the man in the White House, is no Caspar-Milk-Toast, but someone they should fear.

If we manage, because of this potential catalyst, to gain greater support for the democracy movement in Iran, we will have done something great for the world, but especially for Iran.

Great move Mr President, job well done..

- Trump - job done

- suleimani-aleppo-map-crop

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