The purpose of this article is to call attention to some new and dangerous trends appearing on the global stage, which threaten our natural human rights.

This may seem inconceivable to some as we go about our daily routines, but increasingly, our western, libertarian capitalist economic and social system has become a direct means by which free speech, free association and free expression is censored, infringed upon or otherwise banned.

More concerning still is that Western corporations, wittingly or unwittingly, have now seemingly become the very efficient rapid delivery system for such censorship.

The open way in which this is being done is quite alarming. In a sense, our own open societies and libertarian economic systems are being manipulated and used as a weapon against us by authoritarian governments.

We have already seen how massive social media corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others have cracked down on free political speech that they don’t like from their leftist-leaning “PC” point of view. They call this “policy” and they claim it “protects the public”. It does just the opposite.

Shadow bans, actual bans and blocking or refusal to publish posted comments are methods being used against mostly conservatives to throttle their expression.

Their defense is that all these social media companies claim they are “publishers” when in fact they are profiting from a public utility created with taxpayer money: the internet.

And of course even as publishers, they have a sacred duty to uphold, maintain and preserve the public trust, as members of The Fourth Estate.

The problem is that instead of The Fourth Estate, many in our social and visual and print media are acting like members of The Fifth Column.

With social media being used more and more as a powerful media advertising and marketing tool for corporations and public personalities and influencers, the manipulation and control of the followers and followings of conservative corporations, media personalities and their fan bases becomes a powerful bludgeon used against those whom the liberal gatekeepers don’t particularly like.

We have also seen Facebook and Google and other social media company management bend to the wishes of Chinese communist leaders, to help them monitor, control, censor, and oppress their own citizens. Our Western companies have even helped the communists develop custom AI, social credit monitoring and facial recognition systems to further suppress and oppress their citizens. It’s being used now against the Hong Kong protesters, some of whom are now being viciously beaten, tortured and shot. How long will it be before another Tiananmen Square, this time aided and abetted by American technology.

Meanwhile, other major Western corporations like the NFL and the NBA are telling their paying Western fans what they can and cannot do at games in terms of signage and expression, even when that expression condemns oppression in Communist countries.

In addition, major corporations are now actively using electronic monitoring and AI to snoop on their own employees’ social media accounts. The human resource and corporate compliance departments in such companies are now using artificial intelligence to identify employees’ social media posts they judge offensive or politically sensitive for use as “evidence” to harshly discipline or fire employees.

If you read the employee policy manual of a typical Fortune 1,000 company, you’d be appalled at the vague and potentially dangerous language. They all say something like this:

“You may have social media pages or accounts, but don’t you dare say anything we deem “controversial” or you might lose your job. Question: What is considered “controversial”? Answer: Anything we say it is.”

Some of this fascist crackdown seems to be the corporate response to not wanting to receive any bad press from increasingly vicious “anti-capitalist” leftist global media organizations and extortionist “rights activist groups”.

Another factor may be that corporate governance doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers among what are perceived as new and burgeoning sectors of the consumer base, namely those consumer sectors autocratically controlled by fascists, communists, Islamists, and other garden variety dictators as can be found in Cuba and Venezuela.

Remember, there are a billion and a half Chinese and another billion and a half Muslims in the world. Plus a few hundred million Latinos in Mexico and South America.

There are only 340 million Americans, and most of us already have cars, smartphones, computers and other consumer goods—more junk than we really need. So much junk, in fact, that EBAY is actually a big business. Plus, our populations are aging and declining at a time socialist and Muslim populations of the world are growing in leaps and bounds.

So in a perverse twist, Western capitalist corporations are kowtowing to eastern autocratic statist powers, because it’s all about the Benjamins.

There is no bigger example of this then the recent actions of Facebook, Google, the NFL, the NBA and Nike as they have all kissed up to Communist China, a nation that suppresses and crushes human rights, practices ethnic cleansing and eugenics and—no exaggeration here—uses its prison population to harvest body parts.

If fascism once again rears its ugly head in the west, it now appears it will do so using capitalism as a Trojan Horse. It will do so through our western-owned but global free-market corporations, through behavioral crackdowns on customers and employees alike by corporate government. And it will do so due to multinational corporations’ lack of desire to ruffle the feathers of powerful, iron-fisted communist and fascist governments that control the minds and behavior of a vast and growing global customer bases.

This is being done at the expense of their home country capitalist and libertarian customer bases and, ultimately at the expense of our liberty.

It’s a very alarming trend that should be monitored very closely, as our own economic freedoms and choices may soon be shaped, or even trampled, by a bigger group of socialist-governed customers living under communist and fascist oligarchies which are increasingly seen as more important for business by western corporate globalist governance.

It’s developing into a sort of tyranny of the socialist masses, driven by corporate marketing priorities. That tyranny is manifesting itself over our smaller, shrinking Western consumer masses, whose lives are increasingly not their own anymore, as they can’t act as they please and can’t say what they wish, for fear of being blackballed, redlined, shadow banned, fired, doxed, expelled, even physically attacked and financially destroyed, all in the name of “fairness” and profit.

As someone said recently about Nike’s stance toward the many Chinese human rights violations now in Hong Kong, “Its all about the shoes”.

Meanwhile, our national media organizations, populated by leftists, and also leftist agit-prop organizations like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Communist and fascist organizations in western unions and universities (CPUSA, SDS and their successors), all funded and supported by various Soros-funded shadow leftist foundations (Open Society, Media Matters, Tides Foundation) around the world, are pushing the message hard at home.

The outcome of these alarming and very real trends cannot be a good one for anyone who loves and demands freedom, free speech, liberty, and human rights. If not strongly and soundly opposed, it could portend the decline of Western civilization.

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  1. Our thoughts on these subjects, run in close parallel, these concerns are very real, and useful public understanding of the multiple dangers, seems almost non-existent.


  2. Consider HKMap.live. Yapple was founded by Arabs and run by fags. So this is the famous “Irish Miracle”? Another drunkard grifter scam turning Ireland into tax haven to screw America? This is why Ulster must join Scotland and the Anglosphere must foil the Carolingian EU of Bonaparte, Heidler, Adenauer, Schumann, Degaulle, Galtieri! Yapple was founded by Arabs and run by fags. Fags is what you get when drunken Irish molest their kids. Arabs is where Irish banks make their money funding terrorists who used to work with the IRA. Cellular chips RFID your brain type and microwave the offending lobe, which is why Americans are voting so dumb. Forget hoverboards, cellular are political execution drones! Cellphones and laptops are not allowed – no exceptions, Elon Musk. They may be the latest fad but they are not safe because they have the potential to catch fire.


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