The Political Climate

Greta Thunberg

Swedish youth climate activist Greta Thunberg, center in blue, joins other young climate activists Friday for a climate strike outside the White House in Washington, Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

- idiots

The ‘protests’ worldwide, prove to all, that a given percentage of well-meaning people will just believe the propaganda algorithmically aimed at them, delivered by the sources they trust, without their independent checking of any of the assertions made by the propagandists.

Climate Alarm Syndrome has already appeared as a psychologically recognised phobia among the youngest of those capable of understanding the basic premise of the alarmists/propagandists, and that’s all thanks to these same witless adults* pumping alarmist propaganda into them, and it’s just full of guilt-laden lies. Nice one, terrorising the children, SO ‘green’.

Though those lies are demonstrable falsehoods, the sensible people presenting the facts at the monolithic face of the “Climate Change” INDUSTRY, are going unheard by too many people.

The financial powers behind the ‘movement’ are due to gain enormously, and for a very long time into the future, from the climate hysteria they’ve created.

We’re talking the kind of money that even China couldn’t loan, that doesn’t exist in real terms, but can be made to appear as digital credit, backed up by multiple multi-national corporations.

Multiples of Trillions is what’s now being floated as the financial starting point for these kinds of public media conversations and corporate programs, featuring projections of vast sums being made in taxes based on “..the low carbon economy..”.

This is only happening in The West, in the Anglosphere and it’s allies and associates in Europe and beyond. It’s a gigantic tax-scam, a serious grab for political power, and all based on a visceral hatred of the accomplishments of Western Civilisation, which none of the people pushing this political agenda, or their ‘heroes’, could hope to replicate in any meaningful way.

This is the politics of resentment and betrayal, by a generation of indoctrinated, rather than educated, “useful idiots”. Sorry to keep quoting Lenin by that remark he made about Western Socialists, but I think it pertinent.

It’s a shame, and I’ve decided that the maxim, “Live as you would if left to your own devices, as if the society around you has NOT become insane”, is the only non-hopeless way to carry on living in any densely populated part of the planet.

The Catastrophe, to The West, of implementing any number of these ‘green’ plans, policies, and ideas, is certain to hasten its utter collapse, under the sheer weight and cost of the economic, socio-cultural, legal, and industrial obligations demanded by the alarmists and their true political masters.

To summarise, Post-Modernist Communists, and not all of them Western by any means, are at the heart of it, and they are terrorising and robbing The West, through the apparence of serious, though unfounded, concerns about action on “climate change”, the same regimes and corporations, are also engaged in some pretty audacious land-grabs, citing the same concerns, and by-passing national, and even supra-national governments, like the EU, through the, by now, much discredited offices of the United Nations.

The West is under seige, and is beseiged on all sides and on every front, civic, political, industrial, cultural, academic, legal*, international, territorial, literary, social, philosophical, and this happens successfully, mostly because of a complicit and/or ignorant and biased mainstream media.

What can You do?

You can learn about all of this, and more besides, from many independent and accredited sources, and decide that you don’t want the politicians who are preapred to take the money and run.

That you won’t accept being morally bullied by children whose adult* guardians and ‘educators’, have let them and everyone else down, immeasurably.

That You Will Say that “The Emperor IS Naked”, and NOT that He is wearing the finest suit of invisible clothes.

The speaking of truth always has a price, in every generation, but, and here’s a point to consider; does anyone truly believe that forever avoiding the truth has an easier price to pay when the time comes?

I would suggest that such an idea is not only founded in self-deceit and error, but is also wilfully naive, wishful thinking is not a good guide to sustaining societies that benefit their majorities.

As a post-script, I offer a comment, made by one of my favourite authours, Douglas Murray; “..we cannot accept to live in a society this stupid..”.

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  1. Politics is all about peer pressure, and follows the physics of diffusion. Wildavsky showed people redesign what they hear to conform with one of four basic beliefs: Individualism, Egalitarianism, Fatalism or Hierarchialism. They hear the same thing but come to different conclusions because their brain processes the facts differently.

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    • That’s egocentrism, married to solipsism, as far as socially interactive behaviours go, and the delusional state it infers, if widespread, can lead to the creation of a totalitarian state, under the guise of the all-knowing, all-inclusive state. The state where everything that isn’t mandatory, is illegal, and everything that isn’t illegal is mandatory, and that means the removal of the private life, the reduction of the individual to the worth of their production, its’ a variant of Marxism in that way.


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