Diary of a Madman – State Power and the Individual

The powers that be have already defined patriotism in law, and non-violent Conservative protest is unpatriotic as far as they are concerned.

Soon it will be Hate-week again, and appropriate headlines will greet you on your way to work.

You are free, to do what you’re told, you can vote to determine which political robber-barons are going to lord it over you, pick a colour, pick a rhetoric, pick a party, and sit back and watch them take away everything that makes your life worth living.

Why did the politician cross the road ? Because he/she said she/he wouldn’t.

Welcome to our brave new world, the corporate fascists are turning your homeland into a third world state, they know you probably hated your job, so they out-sourced it to China, India or Africa.

They know how much you struggled to maintain your home and pay all the bills, so they’re going to make sure and foreclose on you so you wont have those worries ever again.

They also know how much you care for the environment so they’re going to price you off the road and shelve plans for integrated public transport.

You wont need it anyway, to travel from where you used to live, to the place you used to work, to go to the shops you used to be able to afford to visit.

Power has only its own interests at heart, The Black Man that was in the White House proved that he and the political clique he represents are just as reactionary as any fascist megalomaniac, his rhetoric might differ from the standard autocrat, but his actions, and inactions, speak louder than his words.

There was a time when I said, hey, give this man a chance, he has to play a long game and a smarter game than his opponents, then I realised his opponents were ordinary Americans, basically anyone who was unwilling to accept the manufactured consensus of the Left-Liberal caucus.

When telling the truth about lies becomes a criminal offence, the state that has criminalised the truth, has taken a huge step closer to becoming a failed one, and could be heading for terminal decline.

Pax Romana was killed off by anti-materialists, iconoclasts, and anti-imperial sentiment, as much as by its own corruption and inability to stop the fracturing of itself from within, and from without.

The American Idea, must be revived in the minds of the politically miseducated sections of the American public, and given a new lease of life.

The likely alternative would be extremely unpleasant, to say the least, politically Leftist corporatists are making too much of their hegemony of political and media/social influence, and have far too much power, which is why such a complicit media exists to tell the tall tales of a corrupted deep state apparatus.

If no-one in public life/political life is allowed to say, “look, none of the would-be emperors have got clothes on! ” then contemporary American political culture risks everything worthwhile about America becoming merely a focus of wistful nostalgia. I hope and pray that Donald Trump is re-elected President for a second term.11150811_872857566104157_1941046976952817087_n

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  1. Great, insightful commentary, one that People NEED to heed. What you described are the very roots and foundations of socialism/communism, ideologies I escaped from to the shores of America. Until we get to the “root,” the schools/universities where all this is being preached into the developing and easily influenced minds of our young people, we are in danger of all you mentioned becoming a permanent reality. I can only hope and pray that President Trump will obtain a second term, so as to open the eyes of all those who have been against him, open their eyes to the fact that the ideology of the “Nationalist”/Trump America they are living in now, is the one they want to maintain and keep for not only their generation, for all future ones – IF we do not want to go down the dark path of the Socialist left. Again, wonderful article.

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