“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Republicans gave up. The gutless wonders retired rather than face the possibility of being defeated. Being creatures of the Washington Establishment, they “drank the kool-aid” the Media was serving about “the Blue Wave” and threw in the towel.

44 sitting Members of the Republican Majority “retired.”

They bought into the narrative that Trump was toxic. Many believed it innately. They dismissed the President’s victory in 2016 as a fluke, an anomaly, a one off.

Like the rats they are they deserted what they perceived to be a sinking ship.

Those that did seek re-election ran away from the President. They openly criticized him. Refused his offer to campaign on their behalf. What happened? They lost. Barbara Comstock, Mia Love (once a so called rising Star in the Republican Party), gone.

Of the Senate Candidates that embraced him, 9 out of 11 won.

Had the cowards in the House stuck around, it’s very likely they would still be in the majority.

Some even had so much hate for the President they adopted a “scorched earth” policy hoping to take Trump with them. They failed.

So be it, good riddance to bad rubbish.

The RINOS did us a favor. When Republicans re-take the House in 2020 those elected will be those who support the President’s agenda.

Why so confident? Because the Democrats will do what they do best, overreach. They’ll spend the next two years attempting to systematically destroy Trump.

The exit polls found that many who voted want the Parties to work together on behalf of the American people. They’re in for a major disappointment. The Democrat base has swerved so far to the left that anyone who’s even perceived as cooperating with the President will have signed a political death warrant.

The President will use Pelosi and the House as a “springboard” from which to launch his bid for re-election, pointing over and over to what he was able to accomplish prior to their take over.

Trump as usual defied the odds. He minimized the bleeding and increased his strength in the Senate which is now indebted to him.

Like a Phoenix, Trump will rise from the ashes leaving those who continue to underestimate him incinerated in his wake.

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  1. The “never-Trump-ers” have shot the country in the head, but luckily they missed the real “Teflon Don”, Donald Trump. may he show all who doubt him, that he’s the guy for the job, and no-one else.

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