UK Politics

Jeremy Corbyn, the Hollow Man

There is a British politician, who has sat on the back benches for nigh-on forty years, and in all that time, his record of work and achievements amounts to zero, no parliamentary questions tabled, no legislative bills record, nothing, until he was thrust into the spotlight of the leadership contest against Ed Miliband, a man who could not win, and without Miliband, it seems highly unlikely that Corbyn could have won the leadership contest.

At the time, the British press all declared that he was the unexpected candidate, a grey man from the back benches, a party loyalist, who nevertheless had done nothing to merit his sudden ascension to the high chair.

This was obviously a dishonest portrayal of the situation, yes he was, and is, the grey man from the back benches, however, all but the most dense of observers, knew whose political machinery was and is behind Corbyn’s rise.

The fact that two of the most notable things about Corbyn’s politics is how slavishly Leninist they are, and how he cosies up to terrorists and socialist dictatorships, informs even the most casual onlooker, of the troubling nature of his illusions, considering he may be a future Prime Minister of Britain.

His political act, such as it is, consists of reworks of the nineteen seventies trade unionist militants, the ones who priced their workers out of a job and their country out of those industries.

To all intents and purposes, he’s a “Socialist”, with all the mistaken connotations that too many of the contemporary British public are hoodwinked by, included in that title.

The thing is, he’s a puppet, and the man whom I suspect, with more than reasonable cause to believe it, is pulling his strings, is someone well known to most adults living today.

They’re not often seen together, Corbyn and his ‘patron’, but I think that one of the reasons that the former PM Gordon Brown, opposes Corbyn, is because of the identity of the man I believe is Corbyn’s puppet-master.

Brown has apparently never forgiven what he sees as a betrayal by his former friend, and former Prime Minster of Britain when they were apparently deciding between them who would be first to be PM, and his erstwhile colleague and pal, decided it would be himself.

Corbyn is as hollow as a drum, he knows the rhetoric of a dyed-in-the-wool Leninist, and not much else, though he’s obviously being coached now, to preach and to respond in a way that attracts more of the young, for obvious reasons.

If this country gets lumbered with today’s Labour party, under Corbyn, then it seems likely, to me, that Brexit will be halted, everything commercially useful that isn’t strenuously held, would be sold, at knock-down prices, to the state, and therefore become nationalised. Profit-free industry.

I also believe that the real problems with immigration would explode, possibly quite literally, in our faces, a whole lot more than they do currently, certainly Corbyn would not decrease immigration, nor countenance a moratorium, this would be very bad news for an awful lot of people in Britain.

We could look forward, under Corbyn, to a smashed economy, strikes, civil conflict involving violence, sectarian riots, and an almost certain doubling of the national debt in the first four years.

I believe we would also certainly see the continuing indoctrination of British children under the guise of education, and a hugely swollen public sector awarding itself massive amounts of taxpayers cash.

The irony could be contained in the fact that I’m unsure that Corbyn himself cares about any of this, his political agenda is so extreme, that such considerations might barely register in his seemingly ultra-revolutionary mind.

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