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And here’s to you, Tommy Robinson

- Tommy-RobThe man we all know as Tommy Robinson, has been the subject of a vicious and determined campaign, by British politicians, media, and British police.

The fact that his most recent imprisonment was determined by a judge who ignored due process, who ignored crucial evidence, and who is on record as having decided before Tommy* was even arrested, that he was going to go to jail, means that his imprisonment was very likely unlawful itself.

Mr Robinson is a thorn in the side of the British establishment, of those who would rather “make nice” to Muslims, even criminal ones, than prosecute them for the horrific crimes they have commited, and are commiting, against very young British girls, predominantly ‘White indigenous’ and Sikh British girls, nearly all of whom were/are considerably younger than the age of sexual consent.

From his earliest days in the EDL (English Defence League), Tommy was obviously someone who was/is passionate about the rule of law treating people equally, fairly, and with justice for all.

From those early days onward, Tommy realised that the system is skewed against people who believe as he does, and instead, favours the criminals, as long as those criminals are Muslim.

If the perpetrators had been Chinese, or Dutch, or Canadians, they would have been prosecuted with the full weight of the law, and the ensuing scandal would have utterly engulfed them.

The Muslim perpetrators are guilty of multiple gang-rapes of a great many very young British girls in Rotherham and other places, and are mostly from Pakistan. Very few are ever brought to justice, and the families of the victims have been told by British police that they cannot make any public comment on their cases without incurring punishment by the courts.

Increasingly, the British police are deciding what is a crime and what isn’t, what is priority and what isn’t. Prosecuting and seeking imprisonment for Muslim rape-gangs, seems to be a significantly lower priority for our police, than trying to silence anyone, like Tommy, who exposes the truth about the rape-gangs.

When the false image of all Muslims being peaceful and law-abiding is more important to the state and the police, than the prosecution of Muslim men who form rape-gangs that specifically target British children, we know we are viewed with utter contempt by our own authorities.

The cowardice of the British police and the British state in this situation, is glaringly obvious for all with the wit to see. They were/are terrified of being accused of “racism” and the imbecilic “Islamophobia”, and they also fear Muslim riots.

Previously, such a dishonest and criminal minority, would have been crushed by the courts and by public anger. Now they are protected from the “racists and bigots” whose children were/are the victims of gang-rape.

It is all too possible that the British state will seek to imprison Tommy again, and again, try to get him killed by Muslims serving time for assault and murder, as well as for theft, rape, and terrorist activities.

In Rotherham alone, 1400 girls with an average age of 12, were ‘groomed’ and gang-raped by dozens of Muslim men over a period of a few years. The rapists are all still free, but the families of the victims have been told they cannot publicly talk about these events, or else the police will arrest and charge them for “hate speech”.

So here’s to you, Tommy Robinson, Heaven holds a place for you, I pray.

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  1. Great article about the true sorrow caused by Muslim immigration in England. It’s never on the Main News Channels so it is up to us to inform others of what is really happening to the countries accepting “immigrants.” They are there to conquer, not to assimilate, and slowly, bit by bit, the true citizens of a nation will be pushed aside in favor of the more favored “elite,” all while the politicians grow richer in the process. After all, why would someone want to see their country in ruins if they, themselves, were not going to profit from the ruination?

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    • Thank you for your kindness, and what you say in confirmation is also very true, you’re a good writer, so we should make progress, as a non-collectivist collective of writers/bloggers, in disseminating the lacunas of truth as far as we can determine them, for they are always there, invisible, but almost tangible.

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      • Thank you Conor for a well written article. After 9/11, I wanted to know why Muslims hate us, and our freedoms. So after many years of studying/reading their so-called holy book, their many hadiths, and Sharia law book, it plainly tells us all just what their CAUSE and GOALS are for who they call the infidels of world. They have been at war with us for 1439 yrs, and they don’t plan on stopping until their cause has been completed. Their history is an on going evil one.

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