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The Corbyn Effect – Nowhere Left to Turn

When the people who form the British political class, basically the cosmopolitan elites, and for that read middle-class London urbanites, saw that they had lost ALL useful support in the rest of the country, they could hardly believe their eyes and ears, for them it had been an easy choice, everything they’ve ever been led to believe about Britain and the British, versus their political and social utopia, when everyone everywhere gets to live as they themselves do, off the fat of the land, accepted parasites of the system.

They talk about ‘privilege’, from a perspective of privilege, and seem to assume that the majority who voted them out, are as morally incompetent as themselves. Their own bias is never actually addressed, utopian idealists always have to regard everything contrary to their own beliefs as being evil incarnate, compared to their unactualised utopia.

Their hold on British mainstream media has been loosened somewhat, by the simple advent of the bulk of the voting population using their democratic power, to shift the political emphasis away from the radical Left, toward a centre more populated than ever by the Burkeian Conservative Right, and so by the common folks, the everyday, workaday heroes that keep everything going, keep the lights on and the supplies coming in.

We have a shared perspective all of our own, a British perspective that goes back a thousand years, and has withstood imperial and militarised invasion for that same time.

The simple fact that the majority of the electorate who bother to vote, voted the Left resoundingly Out, including the so-called ‘Liberal-Democrats’, the same who pledged to ignore the vote to Leave the EU, and just act  as if it hadn’t happened, was something the elites hadn’t seen coming, living as they do, in their own Liberal-Left bubble.

The media-employed lecturing Left assume they can treat everyone and talk to everyone in the same way that their own elites talk to them, as if what is being demanded is a request, as if what is horrifying vitriol, is mere banter, and vice-versa, it’s double-talk.

It seems axiomatic that hypocrisy cannot see itself for what it is, but must shift the focus elsewhere, and find blame, even where none exists.

Jeremy Corbyn exemplifies the sinister spirit of all of this chaotic and confusing ideological circus, at its heart is a totalitarian wordlview, one that sees the state as the keeper of all of our destinies, and the ruler of our minds.

If he weren’t such a Pythonesque figure, he might have escaped total destruction, but as it is, he is a figure of ridicule, as well as one of political disgust, for his support of anti-British, & anti-Israel terrorists as much as for anything else.

The British don’t like the kind of dirty, sneaky politics that Corbyn is infamous for, and our distaste for unfounded prejudice is well known, & though our humour can be somewhat colourful, it is a reflection of our tolerance and open-mindedness. Not of any crude colour-prejudice or ‘racial’ hatred, not in the majority, we abhor that extreme level of personal bias.

What the vote that has propelled Boris Johnson into history has also done, is to give hope to the Silenced Majority, that our voices can and will be heard, that the insanity of Marxism and all of its bastard offspring can be fought, at the ballot box, by people with more sense than money.

Boris Johnson, encapsulates all of our hopes, that some kind of normal life can eventually be brought back to these Hallowed Isles, that our metaphysical Jerusalem can still be maintained here, and a welcome made to all who bring peace and wise practices, all those who can fit into our homeland, and be one of us, without disparaging our ancestry and our traditions.

Like all peoples, we are a work in progress, but if we want to speak in terms of human emancipation from misery and hunger, from want, from oppression and murder, then we in Britain have achieved more than any nation on earth and in history, to make those barely-workable ideals, a visible reality.

Time to set things straight, time to be concilliatory and magnanimous in victory, which is exactly what Boris Johnson has done, in the idiotic idiom of our time, he has “reached-out” to those who may be experiencing some dislocation from their delusional bubble.

Time also to reverse much of the madness in policy arrangements, in state education especially, but also in the other institutions of state, political & social loci of power, quangos and the like, all have to be inspected for utility of purpose, and efficiency of practice.

The “..long march through the institutions..” has to be countered with a long march OUT of the institutions, for the majority of, let’s face it, Communist professors* and other far-Left academics who teach only Marx=Good, Western Societies=Bad. The rot must be excised from our national corpus, from our body-politic, and consigned to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

I rejoice to see the British electorate, especially in England, throw-off the shackles of this post-modernist madness, and give a resounding two-finger salute to our detractors and our enemies, both within and without.

All our work is now ahead of us, and we are glad to be the masters of our own fate again.

One last thing, I strongly suggest a knighthood for Nigel Farage, it would be a just and fitting reward for his services to the country, at a time of great need. We would not have even got the 2016 vote without his steadfast efforts.

The Corbyn Effect

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  1. Remember how in 1980 we registered Democrat to help Kennedy primary Carter?
    We should all go vote for Bernie to give them a Corbyn effect, too.


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