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The Lie That Came In From The Cold

The current ‘crisis’ in Ukraine that the MSM is not talking about, is a pretty decent remake of the start of the cold war.

The end of the second world war brought the rivalry between the West and East back to the forefront.

The establishment of a post-war Germany, with a secure form of government was a bone of contention between the Americans and Russians.

While the U.S. wanted a liberal and open state, the Soviets were still cautious about the Eastern European states and wanted to render them harmless.

They feared any slack shown towards Germany, would revive the Nazi spirit. Such opposite ideas led to multi-layered tension between the two parties.

The Soviets in an act of rebellion, bombed the island of Bornholm, which further angered the U.S.

The resulting post-war conferences only underlined the difficult attitude present between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

The introduction of Harry S. Truman, the newly appointed president of the U.S.A made the American stance against Russia even more antagonistic, as Truman would not be bullied, and was easily angered by his Soviet counterparts.

Fed-up playing games with the U.S., the Soviet Union started extending its influence among its bordering and nearby countries.

The annexation and joining of borders formed the Eastern Bloc states, including Ukraine, and added massive power to the Soviet’s reign, in terms of land, men and materials.

Such forceful grabbing tactics were instrumental in the deterioration of the relationship between Russia and the U.S..

Russia, not content with the Eastern states, extended its influence to Greece, Turkey and even France. The U.S. countered with the Truman Doctrine in 1947, setting their stance as anti-communist for good.

The cold war was fought in many ways, and in many spheres of activity, and it took the economic collapse of the soviet heartland, and the courage and brilliance of Mikhail Gorbachev, who told the Eastern Bloc States that if they could not govern by the consent of their populations, that the Russian state and military, were not going to make up the difference, and there would be no tanks on the streets to stop the wall coming down.

Putin knows most, if not all of this. He is not playing the hard man, he is the genuine article, a chess player, and he has made his first moves. Now our bundle of dopes, crooks, and comedy-politicians, have to act as if they know what they’re doing, not an easy task for any of them.

The lie that came in from the cold, was the fib that the people that poured through the hole in the wall were all pro-democratic, and desperate to live in the ‘free’ west. The ugly truth is that, between 1989 and the present day, Russian subversives, agitators, and anti-Western moles and activists, poured through the now easily crossed border.

Joe McCarthy was right to a large extent, certainly about communist spies and moles living and working in the U.S.. Not all of them were foreigners either. There was then and there are now, plenty of Americans who are prepared to betray their Country for their utopianist ideology.

This threat is very real, there are a terrifying number of College and University professors who are commited to destroying America as we have known it, and establishing a Communist state that declares itself publicly, to be “Socialist”.

The problem is, more than 50% of Americans born around the Millenium, say from 1990 to 2005, state to pollsters that they’d rather America was a Communist country. That’s a HUGE problem, and one that no-one is addressing, maybe because it might have to involve “reprogramming” of individuals and classes of young students.

The way these students vote, will change America, for the worse obviously, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone in mainstream politics, or in the beltway, with any clue as to how to address the situation. God Bless and help the United States of America.

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