Cultural Divide

Boys Will Be Girls


Brown University, in the U.S., has put ‘gender reassignment’ surgery, on their insurance, so that [male] students can get a ‘sex-change’ operation while still at University,

This is sinister, almost beyond belief. The history of cultures and civilisations demonstrates that when transgender mania becomes mainstream, it’s because the culture is in collapse.

Whether we look at the late Greek empire where their staues of young men as muscled warriors, morphed over time into slim androgynous boys.

Or we examine the much admired Roman empire, that, at the end, was known for every perversion under the sun, bestiality, incest, necrophilia etc.

Then there was the Weimar Republic, with all its gay cabaret, behind which a seedy world of vice and violence ruled the subculture, or the 19th century’s sordid Mauve movement of which Oscar Wilde was ‘La Bella Figura’.

Alarmingly, we only have to look at Western Education to see that where boys are not just being excluded and sidelined, they are being feminised, becoming “soy-boys”, unmasculine, endlessly deferential to all feminist demands, emasculated, destroyed.

This is part of a concerted effort on the part of the International Left, to completely Deconstruct Western Civilisation.

This rending apart of the sexes, this eternal dividing of the nation, this destruction of the married family and other essential institutions of our civilisation, is a kind of warfare.

Post-modernist-neo-Marxism, has, as its aim, the destruction of the West, from the base upwards and the top downwards, simultaneously.

Modern mainstream “news” media, the music industry, the film industry, and the faculties of what should be education, are all part of the same Leftist deconstructionist movement.

The propaganda is all-enveloping, wrap-around liberal delusions, from the internet to the daily paper, from CNN to ABC, PBS, et al. They all submit to the line of the day, and that line is always from the hard Left.

These societal grotesqueries all come to the fore towards the end of a civilisation, not as a sign of increased sophisticaion and tolerance, but of moral decline, physical degeneracy and total license within the culture.

Finally, it is not possible to change one’s sex, only one’s appearance.

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  1. Thank you, Anthony.

    The whole thing distresses me more than I can say, as I am over half a century old now, it shouldn’t bother me, apparently.

    But I fear for young boys and men of the present and near future, this is not some dark republican fantasy, not some right wing conspiracy nonense, this is actually happening, God help us all.


    • Gender is just another word for sex, in the context of what your biological self has been gifted by the conjoining of your parents. There are two sexes, therefore two genders, I hope that’s finally clear.


    • Transgenderism is a fraud, one cannot change one’s gender, only one’s appearance. Similarly those who seek a “sex-change” operation may be happy with the results, though not all are, but they haven’t changed their sex, their DNA is still what it was when they were born, they’ve changed their appearance, and possibly the way they perceive themselves, but not their sex/gender.

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      • How do you know what there DNA is? Have you had them all checked? No! That’s there business not yours!!


      • You obviously don’t know what DNA is, Margie, it is your genetic code signature, and it stays the same all your life. Geneticists can tell your DNA from anyone else’, and vice-versa. I don’t need to know what anyone’s DNA code is, to know that they have one.


  2. In answer to your question; neither of the two people suffering from the particular type of body dysphoria we’re speaking about, and that I know, are happy about strangers who are not themselves similarly afflicted, speaking on behalf of all such individuals, as if they are a homogeneity.

    I cannot speak for them, and have always recognised that, but I can speak about them, and about anyone else, or any other group/community or of a specific persuasion, be it political, social, sexual, psychological, ideological, or whatever.


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