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The Mystery of Melanie Shaw Pt 3: “A Stacked Deck”

To those who may not understand the reference, in the World of Gambling, a stacked deck refers to a deck of cards that has been rigged in such a way that the player cannot possibly win. Of course the person involved is unaware or they wouldn’t bother to […]

Citizens First

After researching Tommy Robinson and the trials of the so called “Grooming Gangs” my findings can only be described as horrific. First let me be crystal clear, the term “Grooming” is the most disgusting, euphemistic, P.C. phrase I have ever encountered put together by a Government and a […]


In 1988 as a member of the UCF College Republicans I was fortunate enough not only to attend but work on the floor of the Republican National Convention at the Superdome in New Orleans. I held placards and cheered for our nominee George Walker Bush. I was standing […]