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The Assisted Suicide of Western Civilisation

I find it strange, and appalling, that we in the West, would characterise the desire of many Western Women to legally murder babies, just as and when they ‘feel the need’ to remove life from a defenseless baby/infant, as somehow having something to do with that amorphously vague […]

The Road to Valhalla

Sweden, like other European nations, has sewn the seeds of its own demise through liberal socialist welfare policies and failure to secure and hold its borders. Now, entire neighborhoods in Swedish cities and even smaller towns are dominated by Muslim immigrants living off the Swedish taxpayer. What’s more, […]

The March of Islam

The Left-Liberal ideological stance on mass immigration has remained virtually unchanged since the nineteen sixties. Everywhere is apparently to end up looking the same as everywhere else – multiculturalism doesn’t support diversity, it strangles it and forces smaller weaker demographics into silence and even extinction. This happens by […]

The Fall of Paris

Paris is falling. When your capital city’s population is more than twenty percent militant jihadi migrants, they inevitably start to exert violent pressure on the state to conform to their wishes. The only things about French culture that the migrants want to change, are the things that make […]


Many countries in Europe are facing severe criticism from the EU for refusing to accept Muslim refugees/immigrants. As noted in my first article on Torchlight, my origins stem from Budapest, Hungary. The Ottoman Empire (Muslim/Islamic influence) colonized Hungary for 150 years. They came as hoarding marauders, vile occupiers […]