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When Law Enforcement Doesn’t Enforce Immigration Laws

There are a number of failings with the current Immigration Laws. Mexico is allowing, or has been allowing, “asylum seekers’ to walk through Mexico on their way to the United States. Illegal Immigrants are able to “walk across the border” at various locations along our Southern Border. “Undocumented […]

Too Clever by Half!

Trump and his advisors made the calculated decision to select Bret Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy because they believed they could avoid the confirmation fight a more Conservative Nominee would have posed. Amy Coney Barrett was the preferred choice of most conservatives, myself included. But the moderates […]

Beware Donald, It’s a Trap!

“Could it be that Trump is being goaded into purging the Justice Department in the middle of a controversial Supreme Court Nomination because the Left fears the Ford story will no longer derail Kavanaugh and their best course of action is to pray on the President’s “achilles heel?”

Nothing would end the process quicker than for him to take the bait.