From The Front Line

“I have
“narcanned” multiple addicts, multiple times on the same day! We revive
them, they refuse treatment and as soon as we are gone, go back to getting
high again.”


What’s coming out of Washington DC right now is far from business as usual, but what’s even more unique is that so many fence sitters (cumulatively referred to as the “we will see” crowd) are coming down firmly in the Trump camp. I recently read an op-ed in […]

Behind the Crescent 

I was in college, a Junior, it was 1980, I met a girl…isn’t that how it always starts? She was a foreign student, Turkish. Her English was better than mine. She was an Engineering student…Mechanical Engineering. In the so-called 3/5 program…3 years at Barnard for a BA in […]

ACA: The Enemy of our Enemy

Generally speaking I despise the tax system. Rather than serving it’s proper purpose of paying for necessary government services such as law enforcement, defense, and infrastructure it has, in many instances, been used to punish and reward certain segments of the population depending on which ideologues hold the […]