Demand better. Much better.

We are experiencing a teachers strike in my adopted home of the state of West Virginia. West Virginia is near the bottom for both teachers salaries and for educational results. Comment is well deserved regarding a system that is basically unchanged for well over a century, especially while […]

ABC News Recycles

I’ve been noticing a pattern for months with Network News. As weekends typically don’t generate big headlines, they simply repeat the headlines of the week on their Saturday / Sunday evening broacasts. Take last night for example. The headline on ABC was, “White House in Turmoil.” Well the […]

A Man of Many Maggots

It has been said that our sense of smell is the most powerful sense we possess. It can bring back so many memories, both positive and negative. I have been vacillating about telling this tale, it is so incredulous that most people can’t believe that it’s true. I’m […]

Who controls who?

Gun Control. Such a simple phrase. Such a noble aspiration. History has an uncanny way of repeating itself. Is it REALLY Gun Control? Lenin…Hitler…Mussolini…Stalin…Tito…Mao…PolPot…They all learned from each other. Its PEOPLE CONTROL, Stupid. Some of you would argue that the military has the advantage. That an armed populace […]

A Perfect Storm 

“This evening’s broadcast serves to illustrate just how far the Press is willing to go to maintain it’s narrative that Trump and his staff are unfit to govern while they continue to white wash the sins of the woman they so desperately want in his place.”