In Dubious Honor of Karl Marx’ Birthday…or…Escaping Tsarist Russia Before the Bogeyman Cometh: Part 3

Back to my Grandmother. The freighter arrived in The Golden Horn (Istanbul’s harbor). It seemed that the Ottoman authorities were unprepared, and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of refugees. On her ship there was a shortage of drinking water. There was also the rumor of a Cholera outbreak […]

MSNBC Host claims “Fake News”

Trump / Republican bashing MSNBC Host Joy Reid is claiming hackers infiltrated her old blog and inserted Gay bashing comments. So it’s only authentic when she “reports” stories laced with innuendo and unnamed sources. Who could be behind this dastardly deed? The Russians? Wikileaks? Donald Trump JR? Stay […]

Fauxcahontas Back on the Reservation

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who claims Native American heritage (at least when she’s trying to reduce tuition costs) will be making her way to Mashpee to discuss what impact her Opioid Bill will have on “Tribal Communities.” This begs the question “Why would her Bill impact “Tribal Communities” […]

Desperate Dems Suing Trump

Now that it appears there may be progress in bringing the Mueller investigation to an end with the addition of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the Trump legal team, the Democratic National Committee has filed suit against the Trump Campaign, Wikileaks, and the Russian Government alleging a […]

Sit down, Joe.

For over 80 years, there was complete certainty that West Virginia would carry for the Democrats. The first cracks in the Democrat armor appeared when Barack Obama vowed to put coal operators out of business in 2008, and the state carried for McCain by over 13 percentage points. […]