Trump Reads Torchlight?

Mere hours after I suggested ABC be required to reimburse investors for losses that occurred as a result of the false Brian Ross story and that trial attorneys may have an opportunity, the President concurred. Torchlight, always ahead of the curve!!!!! Image May Be Copyrighted Advertisements

ACA…not so affordable

“Fortunately being unemployed at the time qualified me for government assistance with the premiums. The first time in my life that I actually qualified for any sort of governmental concession! Little did I realize the coming ramifications of Uncle Sam’s “generosity”!”

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Media

Just finished watching ABC “News” coverage of the Mueller indictments. Never have I seen such a hatchet job. Over and over they acknowledged that the charges against Paul Manafort former Trump campaign manager and his associate Rick Gates were unrelated to the campaign itself but would then use […]

George we hardly knew ye

So.pleased to know that former President George Herbert Walker Bush’s favorite magician is “David Cop A Feel” so he told the young woman whose butt he proceeded to squeeze. And the Bush family had the nerve to go after Trump. People who live in glass houses………. Image May […]