Everyone, including me, is doing tributes to stars we’ve “lost”:  Dr. John, Tim Conway, Anthony Bourdain, Greg Allman, Butch Trucks, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lewis, Chris Cornell and others…but what about all of those perfect, innocent little souls who left this planet without a wimper, without even a […]


Let’s say hypothetically you’re living under the risk of political or religious oppression under a dictatorial or statist, militaristic, government, like Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala, and let’s say you “escape” and make it safely into nearby Mexico. At that point, aren’t you safe? If not, why not?   […]

Comix Division

This is the latest from a good friend’s YouTube channel. He’s quite brilliant at making the connection between Entertainment and the political landscape. Definitely one of the best around. I guarantee you’ll find his commentary both entertaining and enlightening. Please follow, subscribe and share. This type of thinking […]

You, and 14 of your friends!

In the endless debate of healthcare and the influx of more and more illegal aliens entering our country we all seem to have an opinion. It’s been the cause of debates, fights, “unfriending” and even physical violence. At the risk of sounding sanctimonious, I deal with it every […]