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After The Statues, Then, the Churches..?

Once all the statues have been removed, one way or another, from public view, those demanding their removal won’t go away happy, no, everyone knows that if you appease a bully, that’s the encouragement they were looking for. So will it be the churches? I’m unsure, but it […]

Forty Years Of Caring

I felt so bad for my patient, the poor man was sweating buckets, his skin clammy and pale, his grip on my hand crushing. As I watched Sister and Doctor Swift prepare the skin for the needle for the bedside liver biopsy, I could feel myself swaying. I […]

It’s Yesterday once more?

I was lucky enough to grow up in what was considered the “Golden Age” of Children’s Television. Not quite old enough to remember “Howdy Doody” but Paul Winchell was still on the air with his puppets “Jerry Mahoney” and “Knucklehead Smith.” Saturday morning was the day a lot […]