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After The Statues, Then, the Churches..?

Once all the statues have been removed, one way or another, from public view, those demanding their removal won’t go away happy, no, everyone knows that if you appease a bully, that’s the encouragement they were looking for. So will it be the churches? I’m unsure, but it […]

The Cold World War

The rise of China as a world power has been one of those phenomena we see, and don’t notice, or don’t want to notice. From exploiting aggregates and minerals in Africa, to farming and fishing on the Siberian coastline, from supplying internal interactive media hardware to the British […]

Celebrate but Remember

Today we honor the brave men and women across the centuries who gave their lives in the cause of Freedom. From the “Minutemen” and the “Continental Regulars” of the American Revolution, to the “Doughboys” of World War One, the “Tuskegee Airmen” of World War Two, the Heroes of […]