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ABC News Recycles

I’ve been noticing a pattern for months with Network News. As weekends typically don’t generate big headlines, they simply repeat the headlines of the week on their Saturday / Sunday evening broacasts. Take last night for example. The headline on ABC was, “White House in Turmoil.” Well the […]

Who controls who?

Gun Control. Such a simple phrase. Such a noble aspiration. History has an uncanny way of repeating itself. Is it REALLY Gun Control? Lenin…Hitler…Mussolini…Stalin…Tito…Mao…PolPot…They all learned from each other. Its PEOPLE CONTROL, Stupid. Some of you would argue that the military has the advantage. That an armed populace […]

Schiff Shafted

This is too good.  Adam Schiff the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee was so anxious to see the back end of Donald Trump he fell fell hook, line and sinker for a scam perpetrated by two Russian comedians . The Russians posing as Ukrainian politicians claimed […]

The Unreasonable Success

For more than a year the Democrats have alleged awful things about our President. Mental instability, incompetence, womanizing and more. The average person knows it’s either a lie, wrong, or does not matter (I mean what do you expect, he has been married three times). Their minions take […]