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What was that?

The President and “The Great Leader” show up in Singapore, meet for a couple of hours and suddenly we’re singing “Kumbaya?” I know about “quickies” but come on. My gut says it doesn’t pass the “smell test”, and falls more into “If it seems too good”, well, you […]

Scandal Free my A$$

I could not say this better myself so here is one of those rare instances when I will publish a link to someone else’s work. Obama remains an abject liar. Thank God he’s not in a position to damage the country anymore than he already has and thank […]

MSNBC Host claims “Fake News”

Trump / Republican bashing MSNBC Host Joy Reid is claiming hackers infiltrated her old blog and inserted Gay bashing comments. So it’s only authentic when she “reports” stories laced with innuendo and unnamed sources. Who could be behind this dastardly deed? The Russians? Wikileaks? Donald Trump JR? Stay […]

Fauxcahontas Back on the Reservation

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who claims Native American heritage (at least when she’s trying to reduce tuition costs) will be making her way to Mashpee to discuss what impact her Opioid Bill will have on “Tribal Communities.” This begs the question “Why would her Bill impact “Tribal Communities” […]