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We buried more than just a Senator last week.

A colleage at asked me to commit to paper my thoughts on the passing of Senator John McCain. I demurred, not due to lack of opinion, but rather out of respect for the office he held. A sentiment I suspect would have been lost on the dearly […]

Turn the Page

Today we witnessed not a funeral but a meeting of the “Swamp.” United in celebration for the “good old days” and by their hatred of the man who spoiled the “party.” Up until 2016 (with one exception) and unbeknownst to the American People, Presidential Elections were nothing more […]

The Enemy of our Enemy

Senator John McCain passed away on Saturday and since the news broke the Press has been engaged in Canonization. I will not speak ill of the recently deceased. However I had profound disagreements with his policies as did the Media. That is until he was caught with his […]

The American Dream

I get that everyone wants a shot at the “American Dream” and note that’s the “American Dream”, not the French Dream, or the Italian, German, Indian, Chinese,British, etc. However do it legally, not by breaking American laws as your first act of pursuing it. Also the “Dream” is […]

Why is America embracing Socialism?

I must be getting old. That’s what my grandmother used to say, when things around her stopped making sense. I went to college at one of those lofty bastions of Liberal thinking, in New York City. Although I didn’t, plenty of my friends proudly wore t-shirts emblazoned with […]

Doubling down on Stupid

Hillary Clinton labeling Trump supporters as deplorable only served to swell their ranks and made them more determined to go out and vote. Flash forward two years, Democrats, Media Liberals and their supporters believe that going after members of Trump’s cabinet personally and in public is now a […]