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The Corbyn Effect – Nowhere Left to Turn

When the people who form the British political class, basically the cosmopolitan elites, and for that read middle-class London urbanites, saw that they had lost ALL useful support in the rest of the country, they could hardly believe their eyes and ears, for them it had been an […]

The Cold World War

The rise of China as a world power has been one of those phenomena we see, and don’t notice, or don’t want to notice. From exploiting aggregates and minerals in Africa, to farming and fishing on the Siberian coastline, from supplying internal interactive media hardware to the British […]

The Right to Kill

What we’ve witnessed in the last two weeks in both the States of New York and Virginia is an abomination. The legalization and the proposed legalization of infanticide. Regarding abortion the crux of debate has always been at what point does life begin, the answer they’ve given is […]

Oh Nancy, we hardly knew ye!

Simply as a point of discussion, let me posit an impression. I would contend, that in a reasonable person’s mind, there would be very little doubt that a prospective President, was involved to one degree or another, in allowing preferential access in exchange for sizeable donations to her […]

Confused? #MeToo

One day when I was just a young boy, my Father looked at me and said “Son, the man who can understand a woman, can rule the World.” Being around five years old at the time, I hadn’t a clue what he meant. Having been married twice, and […]