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Pericles Elytis

The Road to Valhalla

Sweden, like other European nations, has sewn the seeds of its own demise through liberal socialist welfare policies and failure to secure and hold its borders. Now, entire neighborhoods in Swedish cities and even smaller towns are dominated by Muslim immigrants living off the Swedish taxpayer. What’s more, […]


The Road to Serfdom begins with control of our education system, through teaching and curriculum, to control the the minds of our youth. It continues through the redefining of words and changing dictionaries and encyclopedias to mean what they don’t. It continues through control of internet search engines […]


I wish I was a Democrat sometimes.   Why?  Because being a Democrat not only means never having to say you’re sorry, but apparently it also means getting to pretend that anything you wish to scrub from your history never happened. It’s like having totalitarian editorial control over your […]


If Donald Trump issues an executive order blocking children of illegals from being considered citizens, he would be well within the broad scope of his presidential powers under the Constitution.  He would, in fact, be enforcing the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment. AND…That’s the job of the […]