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Jon Barsanti Jr

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What is the story behind the declining household worth story?

What the recent report of declining household wealth a hiccup or a heart attack? Was it something different? Whereas some economists and pundits are projecting “non-existent” annualized GDP growth of 0.5% for first quarter, it is more likely that we will see between 1.5% and 2.5% annualized growth, and possibly even better han the 2.6% reported during fourth quarter of 2018.

Feb. 2019 ADP Report: Remarkable

The ADP Payroll data was reported as a miss today. This is remarkable. The Data for 2018 was revised higher by 122,000 positions. The January 2019 data was revised higher by 87,000. There were 202,000 workers added to the economy plus the 183,000 that were officially added. All Sectors added workers month to month and February to February.