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Conor Andersen European Editor

I am a writer, a philomath, and a student of history. I'm Political, and religious, philosophic, pragmatic, I'm a fan of Aristotlean thought and philosophy, though I'm, mainly a Protestant Christian, a child of God, a friend, and follower of the teachings, of Jesus Christ. I learned about deconstructionism in debate and argument, where people pit ideas against each other to try and find out which ideas resist or defy complete deconstruction, and which ideas collapse under the weight of their own insufficiency of wisdom and lack of sound construction. I cannot, not write. Being so opinionated, and having the conceit to assume anyone would want to read my jottings, I am compelled to say what it is that I think and believe. I am a British patriot, a supporter of the monarchy, a conservative, though not a party-man, and not a fan of the vast majority of politicians. I believe the most recent truly worthy Prime Minister of Great Britain, as it was then, was Winston, Leonard, Spencer Churchill.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Hollow Man

There is a British politician, who has sat on the back benches for nigh-on forty years, and in all that time, his record of work and achievements amounts to zero, no parliamentary questions tabled, no legislative bills record, nothing, until he was thrust into the spotlight of the […]

Eurabia is here

Rosengard, Malmo, Sweden, a typical weekend’s car burning by local Muslim immigrant males. A now common occurrence due in large part to decades of non integration by immigrant Muslims. Equally complicit is the “European urban planning model” that, since the sixties, has placed all estates it used to […]