The world is moving rapidly toward one world government and one world currency, and that’s a bad idea. While some toss around the words socialism, communism and fascism as if they are completely different things, in reality they are all related and more similar or alike than their respective proponents would lead one to believe.

The argument of communism versus fascism is merely one of ownership versus control and nothing more. On the one hand, the communist wants government to own the means of production, on the other, the fascist want strict government controls but pays lip service to private ownership of enterprise and property.

The main faces of these ideologies in recent history are Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Hitler killed millions and Stalin killed millions more. Who killed the most human beings is frequently debated, yet the exact numbers are so inconceivable, does two or three million more or less really make a difference? It does to those who died. But, without trivializing mass murder, it also raises some perplexing branding questions about why the Nazi swastika is so universally reviled as the logo of terror and genocide while the Soviet hammer and sickle has not been similarly stigmatized. Why is one the symbol of hate while the other is virtually benign?

Both the swastika and the hammer and sickle were initially rather benign symbols with ostensibly different meanings and connotations than what they became as ideological branding symbols. The swastika has a much lengthier history of positive connotations for many peoples and religions like the ancient Greeks and Hindus — continuity, good luck, fertility — until it was adopted by occult racialist cults in late nineteenth century Germany. The more modern hammer and sickle, both work tools of factory and farm, aptly represented the unity of worker and peasant — the rise of the proletariat.

No one, however, could argue that the hammer and sickle seen on the t-shirts of so many of our clueless college-age youth did not result in the mass slaughter of many more millions of people.

Contrary to how socialists like to spin it, probably to distance themselves from these two murderous ideologues, communism and fascism are rooted in socialism and socialist ideologies. But shouldn’t all socialists be careful what they are asking for? When the door to socialism is opened and left ajar in a society, communism and fascism are enabled, and they creep in, necessarily. Democratic Socialism in the form of welfare safety nets and minimum guaranteed income programs is the gateway drug. Expanding such programs expands the size of the state and expands the threat of communism or fascism rearing their ugly heads.

Under communism, the government takes over and OWNS all business. In fact under this system, the government owns everything. Workers and all the fruits of their labor become fungible assets of the state.

Despite the flowery Marxist utopian talk of “the people owning the means of production,” the reality is that “the people” own nothing under communism; government is the supreme dictator.

Under fascism, businesses and property rights still exist, however, government strongly CONTROLS AND COERCES business to the point of either submission or bankruptcy, through fines, draconian regulations and the confiscation of profits through taxes. Government is thusly used as a blunt bludgeon to exact the fascist will on businesses to get them to comply. This is the controlling and evil face of tyranny which is fascism.

Neither of these can be implemented without control of the media, and information control, crackdowns on speech, and marginalization and punishment of dissent is necessary to control the narrative.

And what about all the social media companies moving in lockstep and using nameless faceless “factcheckers” to justify the censorship and removal of any postscript users that exhibit dissent toward the leftist narrative? Think about the agenda here. Repealing the first amendment is too difficult. However, pressuring private media and social media companies to control speech is a much easier loophole. Very effective fascism at work here.

Propaganda then, in the hands of a government coerced and controlled media, is a powerful tool which supports the tyrant’s agenda to suppress freedom and crush dissent. And the message stands alone and is more powerful as propaganda in a vacuum when dissent is eliminated. It’s happening now with our social media companies who are banning and shadow banning all dissent from the globalist new world order Covid/Vax agenda.

When the US federal government (or any government) starts pushing businesses to do their Gestapo-style dirty work, such as mandating vaccinations or even collecting taxes, that’s when businesses cease being privately controlled, regardless of ownership. The effect is the same: tyranny by a few over many. It is the the antithesis of the our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law under Natural Law and violates not only our constitution but every sacred principle of human law which founded and inspired it.

When businesses are privately owned, yet are heavily coerced and controlled by the heavy hand of government, that’s Fascism, pure and simple. Hitler’s Nazi Germany followed the very same path.

Government hands out taxpayer-funded goodies and tax breaks to corporations and individuals in exchange for compliance. Those who fail to fall in line with the narrative get audits and crushing regulations.

This iron fist in a velvet glove style of fascist coercion must never prevail in our great nation.

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