Here’s the abbreviated list of problems with so-called “liberals” otherwise know as “progressives”:

  1. They’re not liberal, they’re autocratic socialists, both fascist and Marxist. A true liberal would be a libertarian who doesn’t want more government telling us what to do or confiscating the fruits of our labor and redistributing wealth. They’re also not progressive. There is no progress in their policies and objectives. To the contrary, their policies are regressive and oppressive.
  2. They fail to understand or they feign to understand how government works. They keep calling our nation a “democracy” when it is not. Our form of government is a Constitutional republic that operates under Rule of Natural Law, first and foremost, not rule of man.
  3. They fail to understand or they feign to understand how economies and economics work. They think governments and not markets control economies. They fail to understand the basic forces of supply and demand in a laissez-faire system or free market.
  4. They fail to understand that when you subsidize something you get more of it, and when you tax something you get less of it. Hence, they always want to subsidize poverty and tax income and wealth creation. They get it backwards every single time.
  5. They tend toward narcissistic sociopathy and some even border on megalomaniac psychopathy.
  6. When things don’t go their way, they cheat and lie. This is driven by a lack of understanding of themselves and others and a lack of moral character and ethics.
  7. They change the meanings of words and subvert the republic for their own benefit and self-preservation.
  8. They use the treasury of their nation, funded and supported by the fruits of the labor of hardworking citizens, to bribe or steal or manipulate votes and remain in power.
  9. The policies of liberals and progressives and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) constitute a form of social malware in a free society. The political systems they create to deliver those policies is like a Trojan Horse within our gates out of which all sorts of nasty and harmful things emerge while we are asleep.

For all of the above reasons, no progressive, socialist or so-called “liberal” or “democrat” or RINO should EVER be permitted to have power in government.

There is NOTHING “democratic” about today’s “Democrats”. There is nothing “republican” about many of today’s “Republicans”. The names are just misnomers for self-dealing autocrats.

Conservatism means we have something worth conserving. Our values, our principals, our ethical culture, our morality. If we don’t hold fast to these values, we have nothing.

And as we have seen, we have to be careful of fake republicans and fake “conservatives” too; those who, for example, put on a false face or espouse false ideals to gain votes or support in government.

Our vetting needs to be stronger and our punishment for wasting the priceless human and financial capital of our nation must be swift and harsh, including, but not limited to, the stripping of all personal property and wealth and the ultimate penalty of death for the worst serial violators and thieves of our natural rights.

Metaphorically, so-called “liberals” and RINOs are like the gremlins in the popular movie “Gremlins”. When they are little, they are cute and cuddly. Then, when they grow up they destroy things and act deplorably.

Remember the warning in the movie? “WHATEVER you do, NEVER feed them water!!!”

Power, to liberals and RINOs, is like water to gremlins. Put another way, allowing liberals and RINOs any access to the levers of power invites chaos, destruction and aberrant behavior on the Road to Serfdom, perdition and despair.

Like the unfortunate household in the movie, we suffer from a vast infestation of Gremlins in our political and justice systems at all levels. Like rats, cockroaches and other vermin, they are difficult to eradicate, yet they must be eradicated before they do irreparable harm.

One only needs to witness what is happening now to comprehend this.

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