At this point, Democrats and their complicit media propagandists would lie and claim Trump had sex with animals and small children, just for the satisfaction of seeing him deny it publicly over the 24/7 media newscycle.

They’ve done similar dirty things before: the fake story of golden showers with Russian hookers, the nonexistent sex lies with strippers like Stormy Daniels, caught lying and now pole-dancing to pay Trump’s legal fees, and with the phony Russian collusion and Ukrainian extortion stories that led to a kangaroo court impeachment without evidence. And they did it to Herman Caine and Clarence Thomas with the phony sexual harassment and pubic hair stories and to Brett Kavanaugh with Blasey-Ford’s baseless sex assault accusations. All of it has been without witnesses or a shred evidence. All of it aided and abetted by a lying and complicit media. It’s like some Tijuana Donkey Show. It just gets raunchier and raunchier until someone gets screwed.

Our enemies are the enemies of truth, the obfuscators of justice and the usurpers of liberty. They are of the vilest sort. Lying is like eating to them. And they run thick as thieves in Hollywood, media, labor unions, and government.

And most Democrat “voters”—paid as they are for their fealty through bribes from the public treasury—wouldn’t even blink an eye that it was a total lie. In fact, they would knowingly spread the lie themselves, hoping to curry even more favor and taxpayer-funded goodies from their benefactors in the next election cycle.

Mark my words. This next election, and all those to come, will heretofore be a battle between good and evil; between liberty and tyranny; between natural rights and private property and forced confiscation of rights and property; and between free and independent citizens of free minds and dependent, often illegal serfs, who are bribed, coerced, and otherwise farmed and harvested by their Democrat overlords for their votes.

In just 60 years, the Democrat Party has gone from Camelot to Scamalot. The only solution is to root out the problem and prosecute the perpetrators and for the public to wake up and see how badly they’re being deceived by media and politicians.

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  1. I will err with the cynics in stating American politics has degenerated into complete obscenity and utter depravity within both the Left and the Right both Democrat and Republican. Discourse has become little more than intellectual pornography. Truth and integrity were sold in the marketplace. We are in a Spenglerian tailspin into a sharp Decline of the West and no ostentatious moral posturing can stop it. I die with the Stoics. Read history and weep.


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