Imagine holding a presidential race where the ticket is flooded with ineligible candidates who can run uncontested while their parties claim they’ve been fully-vetted and qualified?

Americans assume there’s a strict vetting process in place. If they knew the truth, that there is NO independent vetting of candidates, ZERO, they would be appalled. And of course the media is supposed to do their job as the Fourth Estate here, but mostly they run interference and propaganda campaigns to protect their preferred choices for office. They seem to have no interest in preserving our constitutional republic and its natural law rules.

Joe Biden, having himself been selected and put into office as Vice President by a constitutionally-ineligible President (who ran, not so incidentally, against another Constitutionally ineligible candidate, John McCain), has now selected a constitutionally-ineligible Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, as his running mate.

What’s going on here? How can this happen. It seems as though our Founders in their wisdom gave more power to the people than the Government, hoping that with more rights would come more responsibilities. They have left it up to the people and the ballot box, but we’ve let them down by being so terribly uneducated about our constitution, why it exists, and how our system is supposed to work.

Two key portions of our Constitution and Bill of Rights were deviously twisted and misinterpreted to get us here. The powers who want this to happen hope you didn’t notice. Meanwhile they’re running away with our country.

First, the 14th Amendment, which meant exclusively to naturalize the children of freed slaves as citizens, (few of whom who are even still alive today), was systematically twisted to allow any anchor baby born on US soil to foreign parents to be labeled a birthright citizen. This is an abomination and misreading of the 14th Amendment and its purpose. It dilutes the value and power of our citizenship and paves the way for even more treason:

Namely, the very meaning of the words “Natural Born Citizen”, a legal term of art, borrowed from The Law of Nations, it’s definition quoted often by judges, which, throughout our history, has always meant someone born on the soil to two citizen parents, now has been blurred and conflated to simply equate to “citizen” born on our soil or born abroad to at least one citizen parent. That has never been the meaning of it.

And of course now with these two unconstitutional and illegal twists, anyone can be a citizen and anyone can even be a natural born citizen and be president under the new leftist Democrat dystopian theory of “equality for all”—including illegals and criminals. It is a huge scam that erodes our rule of law and completely trashes the original and stated intent of the Founders to have a “stricter check” than Hamilton’s original draft suggestion of merely “born citizens” on who can serve in our highest offices. The addition of natural to born citizen modified the term to mean someone naturally having citizenship inherited by parentage who was also born on our soil. For others born here, to foreigners holding loyalties to other nations, it may be their place of birth but it is certainly not their NATIONALITY.

Yet the charade persists and the media and now factcheckers continue to cloud the waters with false truths and half truths.

What does this tell you about the high treason being perpetrated against our Constitution and against our people?

Imagine the level of corruption present in our system when the following people are not eligible to be president and yet they raise millions in campaign funds and run for our highest offices anyway:

Kamala Harris
Tulsi Gabbard
John McCain
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Bobby Jindal
Barack Hussein Obama

NONE of these are Natural Born Citizens under Article II of our Constitution. Not one.

The law itself will not right these wrongs. We the people must assume the responsibilities that come with our rights, take back our power from those who seek to erode and embezzle it, and execute the law on our own, with open eyes and overwhelming force.

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