Capitalism isn’t failing. Rather, Anti-capitalists within our system are hard at work, trying to infect the system with social malware that is designed to cripple it and deliberately cause it to fail. Such infection is more insidious and long lasting than any virus.

What happens when bad public policies like shutdowns, perpetuated by statist authoritarian governors and unelected bureaucrats in public health, fracture and disrupt the division of labor so badly that civilization begins to crumble, and people start fighting each other instead of transacting business with each other?

Is such disruption intentional? If it isn’t, it must only be the direct result of gross incompetence and poor public planning. If it is incompetence, no incompetent government should be rewarded with reelection.

But it appears that more nefarious hands are at work here.

When some businesses are arbitrarily labeled “non-essential” by elected officials, the effect is that some livelihoods are CANCELLED while others are permitted to thrive.

Who gets to choose, and why?

The free markets alone should determine who thrives and who doesn’t, not some bureaucrats and unelected health officials. Any action to the contrary is a direct statist interference with the free market.

When arbitrary policies and not free markets determine successes and failures, and the division of labor is thereby disrupted, this creates social unrest. Again, it can only be deliberate or stupidity. Neither bodes well for our future.

Again: Why would anyone want that unless they were either incompetent or wanted to destroy our society?

Read what the great Austrian economic philosopher Ludwig von Mises had to say about this to learn more.

“If apart from the market and outside of the market there is robbing and plundering, these facts are a datum for the market. The actors must take into account the fact that they are threatened by murderers and robbers. If killing and robbing become so prevalent that any production appears useless, it may finally happen that productive work ceases and mankind plunges into a state of war of every man against every other man.” (Human Action, Mises, p. 646)

In order for us to avoid actual civil war, we must immunize our nation and our minds against this deliberate and damaging social malware. It has been pervasive for far too long.

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