Cultural Divide

Why The Seattle Commune Isn’t A New Country..

The take-over of the central block of streets in the city of Seattle by armed communist gangsters will not end well. The idea was insane from the start, and is more like a dangerous student prank, than a serious attempt at political change.

The commune will turn out to be very temporary, either because they give in & are driven out by taxpayer residents, or because they’ll end up recreating Waco’s terrible decision, to defy the police & government on every issue.

It could be that there are those who have encouraged this, but not taken part, in order to provoke the authorities, especially if they’re in contact with the self-styled “revolutionaries” trying to create a state within a state.

The pressing need for resources, are the obvious weak point in any demands made by the occupiers of the commune area. Even though they’re de facto hostage-takers of the lawful residents of the area, if they use their weapons to threaten US citizens in demands made to the authorities, that is all the FBI, SWAT, and the whole weight of the law needs, to act as if they’re a foreign army occupying US soil.

I really hope they give up after a protracted, media-covered expose of the ridiculousness of their ideas & ideology, and how these individuals, are somehow incapable of doing well in the most free, most prosperous society on the planet, which fact says more about them than it does about America.

To establish a “country” under international law, has many requirements which the commune, by its very nature, cannot fulfil, there are other requirements which it will be unable to fulfil because the countries around it can’t act as guarantors of.. well.. you see the problem..

The other problem the communists have, is the President, he’s not keen on communism, understandably. President Trump has already warned the Governor and PD that if they don’t take the area back, then he will use whatever force or corps he thinks is necessary, to take it back from the idiots who are currently free to believe that they have successfully challenged the authority of the President of the United States.

Their fantasy doesn’t have long to live, I suspect that as I’m writing this, the commune is just filling up with armed crazies, drug dealers, thieves, & gangsters of all kinds. Pimps & hookers will hang out plying their sordid trade, I really am concerned for the children of lawful residents more than for or about the stupid communists, who will get what’s coming to them, every one of them will be followd by the FBI for the rest of their life.

I just hope that if the commies in occupation grow a small army of nutters, that the lawful residents can be temporarily evacuated, and not exploited, abused, and used as “human shields” in the almost inevitable clash between the commies and the Federal Authorities in that situation.

“CHAZ” will never be a country, it can’t be a country, and I’m hoping that the Feds will not allow these fools to extend the fantasy much beyond where it has already gone. I’m just waiting for all the “woke” suport to crash when the gangsterism, abuse, theft, intimidation, and authoritarian BS from the commies and their street thugs who “are the new police”, becomes too blatant and too nasty, to hide it from the public with bland statements equivocating on behalf of the idiots who have enacted this charade, with violence and intimidation already showing through in everyday life in the commune.

The will to power, and the complicity & treachery of the Democrat Party Loylists who wield state power, have carried the commie idiots this far, but, barring a horrible stand-off between the illegal occupiers and Federal Troopers, it shouldn’t last long enough to cause a lot of worry.

This is also an attempt, by those behind this nonsense, to force the President’s hand, to make him look more authoritarian than he really is, after all, he’s spent most of his political life as a typical NY liberal. Back when the name meant what it said. I do hope this stupidity isn’t allowed to go that far, but it might be, there are plenty of people wielding political & social power in the US, who dislike the President enough to want this to go as badly as possible for him, watch out for that.

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