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The rise of China as a world power has been one of those phenomena we see, and don’t notice, or don’t want to notice.

From exploiting aggregates and minerals in Africa, to farming and fishing on the Siberian coastline, from supplying internal interactive media hardware to the British Government, to the nightmare Orwell predicted, of “smart-phones” that place every Chinese citizen under permanent surveillance by their own state.

China rises, and rises.

Their anti-western propaganda, the stuff that they promote to us, is by turns subtle, and hysterical, and yet none the less poisonous for that.

China is doing what neither Lenin nor Stalin hoped they could do, namely, to change and colonise the west, not at first by direct immigration, but by a series of destructive proxies, which do the job without the resort to warfare by conventional means.

Hong Kong is the contemporary acid test, the Danzig of…

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