Science, replete with nuclear warheads and biologically engineered viruses, replaces the ‘stupidity’ of religious belief, with the ‘sanity’ of war on all levels, & the electronic enslavement of a third of the human species.

Atheist rationalism, dispensed with absolute morality and chose ethics instead, which is a euphemism for moral relativism, so we have expediency instead of morality, thus science ceased to be attached in any way to moral constraints, the result is that scientists will quite happily work on the deadiest weapons, this murderous work being totally justified in their minds as “scientific progress”.

We can see this from the writings and statements of both Einstein and Oppenheimer, after the result of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. The horror that these weapons caused, is still visible in Japan today, more than 70 years after the events.

Anthrax, developed from nature into a weapon deliverable as a bomb, only one in a series of ‘last-resort’ weapons to use against the Nazis should the desperate need arise.

Now it’s used as a weapon by terrorists.

I know that at the same time, science was and is developing technologies and medicines/therapies, to cure illnesses where it can, and to prevent illness when it can.

I am questioning the morality of ‘legally’ developing/creating more and more deadly biological agents. Bio-genetic research & development needs to be restricted to the creation of new medicines, therapies, and vaccines.

Obviously, China, is a prime example of what happens when an officially closed, totalitarian, and Godless state, decides to have a weapons program second to none, including biological weapons.

The creation of an entirely new deadly virus, is not only morally wrong, it’s extremely dangerous for everyone, including those intending to wield it as a weapon.

Such an act should be prosecutable, as a crime against humanity, and there should be no border that can defy laws put in place to ensure this kind of ‘research’ doesn’t happen.

Even a state that could boast of 100% Bio-Security, would be morally wrong to produce new deadly agents that can be used as weapons, potentially by anyone, against anyone/everyone.

There has not been a weapon type yet made, that wasn’t subsequently used.

So I hope we can all agree, there is no justification for the development of any new biological agents for use as weapons, that this scientific practice needs to be banned outright and worldwide, with truly severe consequences for any state caught conducting any such research in secret.

The alternative, is to wait until the one that’s the deadliest of all, that kills 99% of our species, is released or escapes, and then, well, that would be that, Game Over.

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