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Torchlight Voice of the People Not the Pundits

Everyone in lockdown is wondering the same thing, maybe trying to suppress the thought, because it could cause frustration, to overcome a disciplined calm, but we are all pondering when we can ‘come up for air’.

Interesting things about the nature of the response in Britain, have been said by actually qualified experts, like asking what it is about using lockdown without widespread testing, that stops the spread, and how using the graph curve to represent the infection and recovery of a population, except that roughly, eighty percent of a population, that pretty much don’t really notice it, skews the numbers irrevocably.

So all the CV19 ‘news’, is based on only those who get it and get sick, which means the numbers that media use are so obviously pretty far from the actual numbers, of infection rates, and of death rates, but the lockdown is supposed to be only one…

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