In his famous fable, the Ancient Greek, Aesop describes how a hungry grasshopper who planned poorly and squandered his resources begs for food from a frugal and responsible ant when winter comes. The situation sums up the moral lessons about the virtues of hard work and planning for the future.

This fable is now playing out in state and local governments across America.

As a result of poor planning and incompetence, Easter, a day that should be a day of joy and resurrection, has now been sadly muted.

Some failed to plan and some didn’t. Who exactly is the grasshopper here? Who is to blame for what is happening now?

Our national and global health organization administrators, along with our governors and mayors, in my opinion, have the final burden of responsibility, and they must take full blame and responsibility for all the COVID/shutdown fallout. All should suffer politically and perhaps economically. For their grave and stupid errors they should be shamed and stripped of their wealth and freedom. Instead, they beg the federal government and taxpayer for help.

Nobody had any idea how many cases of COVID-19 there were because we had no viable testing or test rollout.

Lack of testing created an information vacuum.

Forecasts were based on this vacuum.

Let me repeat: forecasts were based on no reliable data; life and death decisions were based on exactly nothing except speculation and bad models.

An arbitrary seed date for patient zero in the US was simply assumed, fabricated. Let me repeat: they MADE UP a seed date and based life and death decisions on it.

Most of our state and local governments had not saved up necessary stockpiles of critical emergency equipment. Most state and local leaders were derelict in their preparation, budgeting and saving for a major disaster. Most of them directed, channeled and squandered money instead to their pet projects: bicycle lanes, green initiatives, information kiosks, failed rail lines, failed solar projects, and the like.

This, despite multiple major disasters within the past decade.

Wouldn’t you think that 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Ebola, E-Coli, SARS, MERS, H1N1, all the school shootings, devastating earthquakes and fires in California, and the devastating Financial Crisis of 2008 would have created a competent local level of preparedness for crisis in our states and major cities? If you do, you would be wrong.

We give them ONE job. Run our local government in a way that keeps us safe and free and protects our property and commerce. They have betrayed us like Judas and denied us like Peter.

Not even New York or New Orleans were prepared, which is all the more pathetic given the natural disasters the administrations and residents of both cities have gone through in recent history.

This unpreparedness, coupled with completely flawed initial predictions of Armageddon by the CDC and their flawed models, triggered a mega-cover-your-ass Universal Shutdown scramble by state governors and local mayors, which of course panicked the populations of their states and led to hoarding, shortages, economic crisis, unemployment, despair, and curtailment of constitutional rights. ALL of this, despite COVID cases coming in far short of said forecasts, because there was effectively no testing and knee-jerk governors. Got it?

But somehow governor job ratings are up tremendously. They’re all given good marks for their response and all their ratings are up except for DeSantis in Florida (see chart).

Why? They should all be vilified for their dereliction of duty and their coverup/shutdowns.

Either this is fake news or America has lost its collective mind and the ability to think critically and rationally. You can decide for yourself.

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