What is the most resilient and deadly parasite?

A wild and deadly strain of bacteria?

A deadly virus?

An intestinal worm?

Nope. It’s an idea.

An idea is…

Once an idea has taken hold of the human brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. And there’s no vaccine and no cure.

•Highly Resilient…

•Highly contagious…


•Potentially deadly

Example: the ideology of Totalitarianism killed approximately 100 million people in the last century alone.

An idea spreads through the open mouths of those already infected, enters the ears of anyone who listens, and infects the brain.

Totalitarianism, usually in the form of socialism, both fascist and communist, is the only virus which all of humankind is susceptible to that should instill any fear whatsoever in our hearts and minds.

Thankfully, most people who have suffered under totalitarian statism already have the antibodies.

If we only listened to those who experienced it firsthand, we too would be inoculated against it, but alas, too few of us care to listen.

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