Everyone in lockdown is wondering the same thing, maybe trying to suppress the thought, because it could cause frustration, to overcome a disciplined calm, but we are all pondering when we can ‘come up for air’.

Interesting things about the nature of the response in Britain, have been said by actually qualified experts, like asking what it is about using lockdown without widespread testing, that stops the spread, and how using the graph curve to represent the infection and recovery of a population, except that roughly, eighty percent of a population, that pretty much don’t really notice it, skews the numbers irrevocably.

So all the CV19 ‘news’, is based on only those who get it and get sick, which means the numbers that media use are so obviously pretty far from the actual numbers, of infection rates, and of death rates, but the lockdown is supposed to be only one part of the process that this government’s chosen experts are apparently going to implement, another of which is Mass Testing of the population, nationwide.

The testing is vital, to basically, know who has had it and no longer has it, and who has it and isn’t getting sick, as well as the minority, comprising of those infected who get sick, and the even smaller minority, those who get sick and die, even with hospital care.

Regarding the science behind the policies of governments, Europe’s leading microbiologists, virologists and epidemiologists are finding it hard to get their findings and explanations of their study and work, heard or read or broadcast by any official media outlets.

This is true of people doing similar work in the US, Britain, and elsewhere, yet media and government don’t want to have that discussion, they’re certainly not having it in the public domain.

I am not saying, “Lift the lockdown now”, but it’ll have to be really soon, and not another month, as one former government minister said recently. If not, we are heading for more than one disaster, with after effects that will stretch into the future for an uncomfortably long time.

The fact that there’s been no public debate about, “What do we do now?”, is pretty discouraging, I agreed with the lockdown, I believe it can, to an unknown extent, protect some people’s lives, but the thing is, this situation has been characterised by at least one senior government minister, as being, “Money Versus Lives”, when it turns out that, that’s not an accurate representation of what’s being done.

The fact that there is no timestable, nor a way for the public to say, “Enough is enough, lift the lockdown after enough tested people have proven to have had it, but no longer have it, at least do that”, has become a distressing fact of daily dialogue from media, exposing the lack of any voices of dissent, or commentary that goes against the current narrative, which seeks to prolong this moment of total control of the population, even the world’s leading experts in the relevant fields of study, are not being heard by the public.

It would have to be said, and this is an uncomfortable truth for those working on the front line of protecting the vulnerable, that viewed objectively and rationally, as well as compassionately, it’s really “Lives Versus Lives”.

Even saying that in the public arena, invites hatred and demonisation, accusations of callousnes, or even, ridiculously, hatred of old people, absolutely absurd beyond belief.

The toxicity with which that loads the public discourse, prevents even the mildest of inquiries from being made, it’s revealed something sad and infantile about the current crop of what should be intelligent adults with intellectual autonomy – far too many want to be taken care of by Big Brother, in the form of the government, the public demanded lockdown, for a variety of reasons, not all of which were either informed, compassionate, or dispassionate, some were not even close to being sane ideas about what, “Should Happen”.

We need to get testing done, and I mean Millions of Tests, every week.

That’s, How We Get Out.

Or we could just accept being, not ‘safeguarded’, but controlled.

We should at least have the public debate, the conversation, because, let’s face it, we’re not doing anything else, right now.

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