The Dictator of China, Xi Jinping, never criticises the Chinese Police, nor the Military. This is because, between the Police and the Army, they keep him, Xi Jinping, in power, for now.

The Chinese Police run the streets, and woe betide anyone who they decide they need to arrest.

The Chinese Army, stop the population from rising-up against an all-pervasive, bullying, totalitarian state, by being Xi Jinping’s right hand.

They are also in constant training for something they’ve never experienced, combat. By that I mean combat with an equal or greater force, they’re fine dealing with the Uighur men, and dissident groups, drug-traffickers etc.

The thing they haven’t done, is fight against an opponent who can shoot back on equal terms, a national army of a militarily powerful country.

So, apart from training, they are deployed in the ways that I mention, but parallel to that necessity, they can be used as a bulwark against the wider population, they will do as they are told, and the events in Tiannamen Square should remind us, of that fact.

The Chinese Police stand accused, worldwide, of being one of the most aggressive, most brutal, and most corrupt police forces, of any modern country.

They are the ones who really keep Xi Jinping in power, who do the daily grind, not only of felons, but of political dissidents, they have their own dedicated sections for this, many of them bureaucrats, but also a para-military service section, that does raids, arrests dissident groups, does surveillance on suspects etc.

That all sounds like stuff our police forces do too, and they do, but in China it’s a little bit different, people in the west moan about being nagged on Twitter, try being dawn-raided for saying the wrong thing, and being disappeared into a concentration camp somewhere far from your home. Try being “unpersoned”, made so that you never existed, and your family’s ‘smart’ phones will reveal if they even so much as mention your name in their dreams.

China, as the Militarised Police State that it is, is like something out of some movie about a dystopian future time, where everyone is under surveillance 24 hrs a day, and the police are terrifyingly powerful, and utterly without mercy or pity when ‘necessary’.

All of this apparatus, plus the power of the individuals who make up the top layer of the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, and the fear generated in the population, by the Police primarily, and by their ever vigilant mobile phones, is what keeps Xi Jinping in place as absolute dictator for life.

I opine, that Xi Jinping is due a subpoena, to stand trial in the Hague, for Crimes against Humanity, by his lies, he has endangered the lives of at least a Billion People Worldwide, and should be held accountable for that, as soon as this Pandemic Crisis is over.

An International Arrest Warrant for Xi Jinping should be issued, if the CCP does not turn him over after a subpoena has been received by them, requesting he be transported to face trial.

It must state that we would find it unacceptable that he would just be removed from office and be ‘tried’ in China, because that would be an insult to all those outside of China who have died, and all of their living relatives.

Lastly, it is truly terrifying, that one man, could infilct so much damage on the entire world, as if he is a global terrorist, working for the goal of International Communism.

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