This must be communicated until all Americans understand.

Political thieves have been stealing from us for four decades, taking our tax money earmarked for “foreign aid” for themselves and their families.

Ever wonder why foreign countries need SO MUCH MONEY year after year?

As I have said here time and again, I have been a financial professional and Fortune 50 executive for over 35years. I understand money, how it works and how it can be used, including complex structures such as foundations, charities, aid packages, hedge funds, international business, taxation, non-profits, and trusts.

This is not foreign aid. Nor is it charity. Nor is it investment abroad. And the American taxpayer gets nothing in return except richer oligarchs.

It’s a money-laundering scheme designed to send US taxpayer money abroad and launder it. Then politicians pay themselves and their kids back in US through campaign contributions, no-show board seats, no experience consulting gigs, and secretive offshore accounts and hedge funds.

That’s why they are trying to take out Rudy Giuliani. He followed the money trail just like he did with the Mafia when he took them down. This is bigger. This isn’t just gambling, drugs and vice. This is OUR money they’re stealing!

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