When oppressed people in Iraq and Iran are dancing in the streets celebrating the actions of our president to remove an evil tyrant and terrorist, and free people in Washington DC, NYC and elsewhere are protesting those same actions, something is wrong.

We need to ask ourselves “who are these protestors, what is wrong with them, and what do they really want?”

Seems like they are disturbed mentally and emotionally, and they seek to impose oppression and tyranny over freedom, which is disturbing in itself, being that the desire for less freedom borders on evidence of some sort of mental disorder or brainwashing. This should be disturbing to all of us.

I’m not really into war or violence, except as a last resort or in cases of self defense.

But when I examine all these self-proclaimed “peace movement” people, I realize I have to reconsider my position somewhat. I don’t have one single thing in common with those idiots, nor do I wish in any way to be associated with them.

These are the same folks who sat tight-lipped while Obama, Clinton and Kerry stealth-bombed and droned the crap out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, most of the Middle East, Serbia, Bosnia, and parts of Africa, killing many women and children.

There wasn’t a peep out of the peaceniks when Democrat presidents’ actions in the Middle East and Bosnia caused wars that triggered massive waves of Muslims, mostly military-age men, to swarm Western Europe and swamp the social and political systems there.

There was not a peep from Democrats on the left when Bill Clinton ordered Tomahawk missiles fired on a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan and on an empty terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. These hits were alleged by Clinton to be reprisal for the bombing of American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

No sound from the left when Obama droned the Wech Baghtu wedding party, killing 37 Afghan civilians, mostly women and children, and injuring others, on November 3, 2008.

There wasn’t a peep out of them when General Suleymani planned and executed a brutal attack on our U.S. consulate in Benghazi, killing Americans, including an ambassador and some Navy SEALS.

Not a peep when Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice blamed the attacks on a flimsy YouTube video, when we now know the attack on our consolate in Benghazi was highly planned and organized by Iranian General Suleymani.

Not a peep when Barack Obama armed ISIS in Syria, or sent C-130 military cargo planes, packed with pallets of unmarked billions in cash to fund our terrorist enemies in Iran, including Suleymani, in the middle of the night.

YET these are the same folks who applauded the assassination death of Osama bin Laden by SEAL Team 6, under the orders of Barack Obama, a move which was not authorized by Congress.

These are the same folks who are rising up loudly and vocally now, to protest the recent actions of President Trump; a move clearly authorized by a 2001 Act of Congress, called AUMF (see url below), used now in stopping the same Suleymani; the very same tyrannical terrorist who had attacked our embassy in Bagdad and masterminded the Benghazi embassy attack, who is widely known to have murdered and maimed hundreds of American citizens and troops.

Reality is that President Trump may have just stopped another massive Middle East war by cutting off the multiple heads of Iranian terror, just as Jason slew the Hydra.

Jason slaying the Hydra, from the story of Jason and the Argonauts, from Apollonius of Rhodes’ epic poem, Argonautica

Now the peaceniks are saying “we want peace and we’re willing to commit violence to get it.”

This is the mental illness of the left. These people are nuts. And it becomes imminently clear that leftism is also a Hydra which must be similarly slain.


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