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Ayatollah – Islam Means War

I hope not, and I don’t believe so, the Iranian regime knows that its military is no match for that of the US, so if there is bluster and blowhard talk from Iran for the next 24/48 hours, it’s unlikely there will be a declaration of war from Iran, though they will almost certainly retaliate.

Thing is, they’re more than happy to murder US service-personnel anywhere they can stretch to doing it, whether by paid proxies on the ground at the time, or by a planned bombing of a hotel or embassy, any Muslim can murder a US citizen, and claim a reward from the office of the President, courtesy of a Fatwa declared on ALL US citizens, which Khomenei issued, and which has not been revoked, far from it.

We also have the bizarre situation where a British citizen and former MP, goes on his own show on Iranian state TV, and demands that the US remove all of its personnel from Iraq, this demand made, apparently, on behalf of the Ayatollah and “the people of Iran”.

Meanwhile, the Iranian regime runs actually illegal nuclear processing sites, using the thousands of centrifuges sold to it by Putin, to develop a hydrogen “dirty” bomb ‘in secret’.

The Iranian secret service conduct assassinations around the globe, from Iraq to Buenos Aires, to France and Britain. They also use Hezbollah, and other more distanced proxies, to try to gain progressively more influence in Lebanon and Palestine, and to aid their own ambitions in Syria they prop up the Assad regime, they are also constantly trying to take-over Iraq, and may well use all this brouhaha to make their first serious contemporary attempt since the Iraq war.

As for their war with Iraq, they used Iranian children to clear minefields laid by the Iraqi military, and had to pay vast amounts of compensation to the mothers of around half a million dead children, who could not be buried, as is the custom in Islam, because they had been blown to pieces by the mines, and the Iranian regime decided not to give parents of the dead children the mutilated and jumbled remains of their kids, coffins without corpses were buried by the hundreds of thousands, to the sounds of a grief-stricken and angry population.

For someone to retaliate against this murderous regime for a change, may well serve to sober them up a bit, even if it does nothing to calm their rhetoric, and it only nudges their hand if that hand was ready anyway.

Democrats have now been forced to side with a wanted terrorist, and their press declares that he was “revered and esteemed” within Iran – only by the regime and its supporters. Most of the civilian population, and especially the women and the youth, absolutely HATE the regime.

If anyone’s hand should be ‘forced’ by this series of events, it should be the democracy movement, which is always brutally crushed by the Basij as well as by more official arms of the state.

Democrats and the Left in general, should be siding with the democracy movement, the regime recently used overwhelming force against the women and youths when they peacefully protested, and the response from the youths was to put the state buildings to the torch, and to topple statues of the Ayatollahs and Mullahs, even attacking state-run mosques, which just shows how desperate they’ve become.

Not a squeak of outrage from the Left, no solidarity for the women of Iran, yet they now eulogise a dead terrorist, such is the state of mainstream media and its lackeys and indoctrinated viewership. It’s sobering to note that Communism did well in Iran, all things considered, and is still popular among secular Iranians.

Trump’s use of military power, to take-out a wanted enemy of the US, is no casus-belli, it’s a warning to the regime in Iran, that the US is not going to put up wth what they’re doing, and will not flinch at military action against them. It’s a shot across the bow.

Iran’s attempt at a stranglehold on the much beleaguered Iraqis, has succumbed to the inevitable sectarian conflicts, with car-bombs, handgun assassinations, and all-out war between rival factional zones within city districts, using mortars, bazookas, and all the tactics of urban guerilla warfare.

The response from Iran will tell us whether or not they are going to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

The Iranian regime’s obvious glee at being able to use this to unite many Iranians, and divert attention away from the attempted new revolution, is masked by the fiery rhetoric they have to use in public to galvanise and unite factional forces within Iran, and in Iraq, as we see from the events surrounding the funerals of these terrorists.

The second-in-line to the Ayatollah, in terms of the actual power he wielded, is dead, and I’m not sure which of the murdering scum who surrounded him, want to be next.

Meanwhile, our useless MSM will try to paint the dead terrorist as a legitimate miltary figure whose death was “illegal” under such circumstances, their craven drivel only serves to show the world that they are utterly ignorant and cowardly.- CNN

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  1. For one thing I went to school with countless Iranians (Muslim, Jewish and Bahai) who long to get their country back. When they invaded the Baghdad embassy and the invaders said they gave us a bloody nose, all I could do was remember the 1979 Teheran hostage crisis, which they also claimed was a bloody nose and which they deliberately did during an elections. These guys have strange oriental ideas about honor, and they don’t care bout party, only insults. And while we are at it, I hope Carlos Ghosn meets the tip of a drone so those nips stop trusting arabs.

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