2020 Vision : A Clearer Future?

The Alliance of Conservatives and the Centre, Centre-Right, Centre-Left of the Political Spectrum, has come as a complete shock to the Radical Left Establishment, and shown that the thoughts and feelings of the Common People, and Conservative Principles, overlap to a huge extent when it comes to self-determination, the right of a sovereign nation to appoint their own lawmakers, to be able to rid themselves of incompetent and/or corrupt individuals, and even whole political parties, as evidenced in both America and Great Britain, as well as eastern European countries such as Hungary and Poland.

The so-called EU elites, the political classes of the capital cities of Europe, have become so removed from ordinary life, that they misjudged the most important political struggle of the age.

So what now?

Now that we have, what we might ironically call, a Conservative Revolution, which is a Kierkegardian Revolution, one which leaves everything looking exactly the same, but the politics have changed dramatically, and the emphasis has moved from the ideological fanaticisms of the Radical Left, to the comparatively gentle pragmatism of Burkeian Conservative Thinking and Philosophy.

The New Year looks to bring more prosperity to the west, and more problems to our opponents and to our real enemies.

This is a revolution that needs to continue to happen in the neighbourhood, in the home, in the schools and colleges, and especially in media. This is a revolution that talks about the role of Religion in an Ordered Society, one that dares to equate The Christian Faith with the maintenance of public morality and the decrease of personal crime and other unnecessary social miseries.

In other words, You have a role to play, like it or no.

If your role is that of the opposition, go get your facts straight, and then come back and lay out your argument for all to see and respond to.

If your role is one of support, then your joy should be greatly increased by knowing that you can play a part in changing the direction of the west, in being a figure in your community that people can approach, and learn about what’s happening and why, and what they too, can maybe do to help.

Donald Trump is being the most successful President the US has ever known, already outshining the Politically-Sainted Ronald Reagan in the growth of the economy and the peace-making around the world.

Everywhere the Teflon Don goes, vastly more people love him than hate him, and he ‘gets things done’.

Our own Boris Johnson has started out on a good footing, and has responded properly to those who have trusted him, and voted for his new Conservative Party, many of them for the first time in their lives. We all wish him well and hope that he continues in the same vein for his first term, because if he does, he will definitely get a second, and then probably a third.

IF he plays it as the people want it to be played, he will win every vote.

The death of the Left in Britain is because they completely overcooked their own goose in front of everyone’s astonished eyes, and then turned on each other, small wonder the majority vote went against them.

The common-sense of the common people, threw out the political garbage, and demanded their wishes regarding Exiting the EU, be honoured.

There’s a great deal more optimism to be felt about the next decade, than there was about the last, the one that just shut behind us with a bang, a bang that was the result of the common people venting their dislike of extreme Leftist politics, and instead supporting the idea of our return to soveriegn nation status.

Great Britain is still here, we voted Boris in by an astoundingly huge majority, and gave the Labour and Lib-Dem Parties a very deliberate two-finger salute, making them aware of just how badly they had lost, and why.

MAGA was almost unnecessary, America IS Great, and showed it by voting for Donald Trump in sufficient numbers to entirely wreck the Democrats insane plans for the Subordination and Indoctrination of  The People of America.

China is belligerent, but Donald Trump is showing how we can start to hurt them, peacefully, but with real results, and Boris seems to be happy to learn from The Master.

It is with renewed Hope that I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020.

- Boris & Donald

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