Think of our country as providers and dependents, adults and children. Dependents include all those who receive an allowance, in the form of government checks. Unlike in a family, however, the “children” get to vote on raises in their allowances—on the parents spending more on them.

Imagine that.

Imagine you, as a parent, telling your kids you can’t afford to buy them a new car every year, and imagine them saying, “Too bad, I want one, and I’m going to get one, and YOU’RE going to pay for it. Our guardian will force you to do it!”

Imagine if they could just go ahead and vote unanimously against you for unlimited allowances and room and board expenditures and you were forced to pay.

That’s exactly what Congress and state and local legislatures across the country are making sure happens. They want to overrule you with the votes of their established wards.

Our country has now reached the point where the “parents” or taxpayers have unwittingly granted a credit card with no limit to a bunch of irresponsible and careless children who are dependent upon their guardians in government, from whom all blessings flow.

Their equally-dependent guardians in Washington have deemed that only half the population will pay the bill while the other half–the dependent underclass and their overlords in Washington–get a free ride on the benefits, with guaranteed annual increases in pay and benefits at the “adults’” expense.

They’ve been so successful at this scam that now they’re now offering debit Visa/MasterCards on our accounts to the poor and also to freed convicts.

The message: “Have a party, we know you screwed up but eat, drink, smoke and be merry! The tab’s on the taxpayer! We’ll even pay for your abortions and rehab!”

Such a scheme quickly bankrupts the household and tosses everyone out in the street, since income is limited and finite, while wants and whims are unlimited and infinite.

And so it is with our runaway social programs, implemented by those with an agenda to make people dependent on handouts and then bribe them for their votes every election cycle.

Global stock markets added $17 trillion in value in 2019, most of that in American stocks.

Who participated? Savers, investors and taxpayers. Who didn’t? Grifters, wasters, spendthrifts, sloths, and free riders.

In a Twitter conversation I had online the other day with a typical group of Russian bots, leftist avatars and a handful of keyboard warriors living on HotPockets in their moms’ basements, I made the point that our financial markets, extremely low interest rates, low inflation, and high employment are creating a growth trajectory for the economy such as we have rarely if ever seen in American history. Opportunities and jobs abound.

The liberal trolls’ answer: “Meh, Only 52% of Americans own stocks.”

Translation: none of them believe in America except to cheat the system and grift off the US taxpayer for their own self-interests. They don’t believe in American exceptionalism. Probably because they themselves are so unexceptional.

And you know what? They’re not wrong. It’s true that just 52% of Americans own stocks. What they don’t tell, and this is the rest of the story: that’s up from the less than 30% who owned stocks for most of our history. Stock ownership is accelerating.

Want to know why it’s “only 52%”?

Because the rest either don’t work or don’t pay taxes if they do.

A full 46% of wage-earners don’t pay a dime in income taxes, and many of them actually get back MORE IN REFUNDS THAN THEY PAY IN TAXES!! And they don’t save and invest it, they spend that money and more, taking on debts they can’t pay and putting themselves in an irreparable position. And then they want a bailout, like spoiled kids.

So nearly half the country doesn’t pay any taxes or invest in stocks. And a pretty good slice of the population gets more in credits from our taxes than they get from taxes they pay in.

Do they care about the stock market?

Maybe not, but they should, considering it impacts everyone, even those not invested. It creates wealth and spending and jobs. It is the American dream because it enables independence and self-determination.

But being a cheerleader for wildly successful US economic growth and an economy where everyone works and gains doesn’t suit their narrative one bit. You see, for them, the more people are miserable, the more the left can crash our system and convert more people into Takers from Makers. Poorer people are easier to control.

But you see; that’s not enough, they want something more.

They want a handout from OUR pockets, to bribe their votes and subsidize their poor decisions, slack attitudes and low IQ. Plus, it makes everyone poorer and more dependent; lather, rinse, repeat until the Golden Goose dies.

Up until now, and at least since the 1960’s, the non-taxpayers and non-investors and non-workers among us have been granted generous handouts by the Democrats, who have carefully and deliberately created a system which pits non-taxpayers and social welfare recipients against the other half—the section of our country full of hard-working taxpayers.

The reason? To bribe the votes of the Takers with the taxes of the Makers. It is nothing short of pure bribery.

And every time the tax laws change, it seems like the number of non-taxpayers, non-workers and those receiving more money in refunds than they pay in taxes grows. The bribable pool gets larger.

Make no mistake, Democrats have succeeded in pitting Takers against Makers. And trust me, we know who we are and they know who they are, which is why they act so militant and entitled toward us. We represent their worst nightmare: the end of the gravy train.

Now, though, that light at the end of their tunnel is a Trump Train locomotive, and it scares the living shit out of the other side.

How long will it be before we shrug like Atlas and head for Galt’s Gulch?

It all depends on you and me, whether we stand up and fight, and how vocal and active we are in taking back our nation from these criminal grifters.

The only solution: Disown the kids and replace the guardians.

Let’s do that in 2020.

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  1. The problem is the 47% is really 97% because all the lawyers, accountants and even programmers thrive on dealing with government mandates. Mises (Bureaucracy, 1944, p81) “Representative democracy cannot subsist if a great part of the voters are on the government pay roll. If the members of parliament no longer consider themselves mandatories of the taxpayers, but deputies of those receiving salaries, wages, subsidies, doles, and other benefits from the treasury, democracy is done for”

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