Collusion, Illusion and Confusion

Trump “colluded” with Ukraine?

That’s funny, according to Politico, Ukraine tried to prevent Trump’s ascent to office, and in fact, the Ukrainian regime in office during the 2016 elections supported Hillary, not Trump.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden secured a cushy pay-to-play absentee board seat for his son, Hunter Biden at the oligarch-owned Ukrainian gas giant Burisma, paying him millions. Biden, Ukraine and Burisma then facilitated the laundering of loads of US taxpayer money through Ukraine, into the offshore Cayman Island accounts of Rosemont Capital, a Biden/Kerry controlled entity, then Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion in loan guarantee aid to Ukraine if the lead Ukrainian criminal investigator who was investigating Biden/Kerry and Burisma and its criminal oligarch chairman wasn’t fired. That chairman was indicted for criminal corruption this week.

But here’s a key piece that none of the MSM are reporting: After decades of corruption and political scandals, a recent election saw Ukrainians vote overwhelmingly for the anti-corruption candidate, Zelenskiyy, in a 70% landslide victory. He was a Ukrainian comedian who wasn’t remotely expected to win. Everyone who had dirty laundry and back-door deals with Ukraine, including the Deep State, Soros, the CIA, leading Democrats, and all their corrupt, Ukrainian billionaire oligarch cronies, panicked. They scurried like rats. The fix didn’t work! The jig was up!

Ask yourself why George Soros has an important office in Kyiv. He’s not Ukrainian and he doesn’t even speak the language. Crashing economies and currencies and laundering public money into private hands is his game. He has perfected that game and become a powerful multi-billionaire. He has a lot to lose if the bordello that was once Ukraine is exposed and prosecuted under rule of law by Trump and Zelenskiyy.

Ask yourself what Ukraine-born US Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman of the NSC was doing for the corrupt former regime of The Ukraine that led high-ranking officials there to consider him qualified enough that they begged him THREE TIMES to serve as the Minister of Defense of The Ukraine?

This position, which is cabinet level, usually goes to combat-seasoned generals or favored insider apparatchiks, and it is well known in Kyiv that ministers of defense in Ukraine often become very rich with arms deals and huge bribes.

Many of these ministers are in bed with billionaire oligarchs like the one to whom the Bidens and Kerrys hitched their wagon at gas company Burisma.

Ask yourself too why there are more exotic cars—Lamborghinis, McClarens, Bugattis, Rolls Royces, Ferraris, Ford GTs, and Bentleys—in Kyiv than in Beverly Hills or Palm Beach. The average Ukrainian makes $300.00 a MONTH. Where’s the money coming from? It has to be from the United States.

Seen in Kiev. Rare Lamborghini Aventador.

That’s why Biden, acting like a mob boss, sought to fire the lead Ukrainian prosecutor—in order to hold off criminal charges against his son and his oligarch billionaire cronies, who were busily laundering US taxpayer aid money through Ukraine, profiting from massive US arms deals, and kicking back part of the profits to Democrats through shady offshore hedge funds, one of them just coincidentally run by a Biden and a Kerry.

The importance of the Zelenskiyy candidacy and his pledged anti-corruption investigation to our nation and our president then should therefore not be overlooked or trivialized, and certainly not criminalized, as the current Congressional hearings by Adam Schiff now seek to do.

The new promised transparency and anti-corruption campaign in Ukraine shines a harsh light of prosecution and exposure on all the deep state money-laundering and all the Democrat and State Department dirty deals, which have gone on secretly and enriched dirty politicians for decades.

Trump “colluded” with Russia?

That’s funny, today Fiona Hill warned that Russia was more dangerous than Ukraine in trying to undermine our elections, including Trump’s. But let’s not forget that former Ukrainian President Yanukovich and more recent president Poroshenko were Soros-Rothschild and Moscow puppets.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton sold Russia our strategic uranium for a huge contribution to the Clinton Foundation, and Obama on a hot mic giddily promised Putin he would have “more flexibility” after the election.

Make no mistake. Obama and Biden were making it rain taxpayer foreign aid money on criminal oligarchs and dirty pols in Ukraine like rappers showering dancers in a seedy strip club.

We will soon find out that our taxpayer funded foreign aid money was flowing straight into oligarchs’ and politicians’ pockets, guided by some of our Democrat and Republican elected officials.

Trump is “ruining” our relations with China?

That’s funny, Joe Biden went to China with his son Hunter and Hunter walked away with $1.5 billion in private equity investment from China’s government bank in his pocket, on which Hunter makes huge fees.

Sounds like Dems were scared Trump might derail their gravy train.

Can’t have it both ways, crooked Dems.

What if the entire world found out that Obama, Biden, Kerry, McCain, Pelosi, the DNC, Hillary, and a cast of other characters affiliated with and including George Soros, the European Royals, and the Rothchilds, were doing everything in Ukraine they have accused Trump of doing in Russia and Ukraine, and much, much more?

Could happen soon. Tick-tock…

*Note: Breaking News: Zerohedge reported $7.4 billion in Obama linked money/laundering yesterday, and that Hunter Biden and his company benefitted from at least $16.5 mm in laundered taxpayer money and offshore money bribes, flowing through Rosemont Capital in the Caribbean.

Story here: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/ukrainian-indictment-reveals-hunter-biden-group-made-165-million-mp

And here:


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  1. Reuters JANUARY 12, 2017 : U.S. Vice President Joe Biden will fly to Kiev on Sunday on a farewell visit by one of Ukraine’s strongest political supporters, as the country looks forward with apprehension to the new administration of Donald Trump.


  2. Just to be clear, Trump asked for an INVESTIGATION as was required by the law authorizing the funds. He did not ask for a conviction, frame up or like.

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  3. Pelosi wants the impeachment trial to keep all the senators away from the Iowa caucuses to elect Biden, but it will backfire and elect Buttigieg


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