Each and every year prior to an election year, I always seem to need to remind an endless group of uneducated, uninformed (and apparently devoid of memory) people among my contacts, as to WHO PAYS WHAT in taxes in this country. This, under an endless barrage of lies by feckless and rich politicians and their media lapdogs trying to spin the tired class warfare tale that it is somehow “the rich” who are cheating ya, not the politicians. A bigger lie has never been told, but it sure seems to sell t-shirts among our subclass of coddled, “educated” useful idiots. Of course, their rich parents are ironically probably paying for those shirts.

It’s getting tiresome.

Here are the facts:

The top 1% of all income earners pay more than 50% of federal income taxes paid and collected in this country.

The top quintile of all income earners pay a WHOPPING 83.9% of all federal taxes paid and collected in this country.

Got that? 20% pay over 80%.

The highest income earners pay the LION’S SHARE of the money it takes to run the country and receive little benefit for it.

They are the source from which the money for substantially all government spending comes. It’s simple math. They are not Scrooge McDuck, they are our Golden Goose.

The bottom half of income earners pay LITTLE OR NONE of the money it takes to run the country and yet they receive the lion’s share of the benefits.

You want to talk about “fair share”?


80% of the country is not paying their FAIR SHARE in taxes. 44% of wage earners pay NO federal income taxes. That includes many families making up to $60,000.00 per year, since with the right retirement deductions, child credits and earned income tax credits, they can pay NO federal income taxes.

That’s far from equality and fairness!!!

See the chart below from the Tax Policy Center.

The Tax gap is discriminatory against those who pay for nearly everything in our country. The so-called “wage gap” is linked to IQ, lack of good parenting, genes, laziness, a carefully executed “dependency agenda” in our rural areas and inner cities, and a host of other social issues, but unfairness and discrimination aren’t among them.

For further discussion on this agenda, see the book, The Dependency Agenda, available here: https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Dependency_Agenda.html?id=AP4uQuNS4AUC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button

Basically, if you make less than $150,000.00 a year, your low tax rate is screwing those who make more than that, because the others are bearing most or all of the entire burden of cost for all the benefits you receive from our society, including hospitals and infrastructure.

Many of those who make and have wealth can afford to move.

There’s a simple economic rule in effect here: If you want less of something, tax it. If you want more of something subsidize or incentivize it.

Tax high earners and successful entrepreneurs more, and history shows that they will go away. They will leave high tax cities and states and go to lower tax states. Or, they will go offshore to zero tax havens.

Someone said to me last night that “our country would shut down without illegal aliens”. While I don’t believe that rather “bougie” comment is true, believe me, a year without most of our top 20% income earners as taxpayers would be far, far worse for the bottom half of all wage-earners than a year without illegal immigrants.

We need to appreciate and honor those most innovative and successful in our society, who are generally also the most charitable, despite current unequal progressive tax policies.

We certainly need not denigrate and eventually eliminate them, as so many Democrats (Bernie, Warren) are now advocating, idiotically trying desperately to incite class warfare to kill the Golden Goose.

Here’s the chart, figure it out for yourself.

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